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Thursday, 23 May 2019 09:03

Its celebration time, get out the cake and candles...Hansgrohe SA turns 25!

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Its celebration time, get out the cake and candles...Hansgrohe SA turns 25!

Hansgrohe is turning 25 this year! It’s a year to get festive! Hansgrohe ZA is reaching that fine age between the unbearable naivety of youth and the inescapable horror of true adulthood. It’s Hansgrohe’s 25th birthday! Hansgrohe is a brand belonging to Hansgrohe SE, which was originally founded by Hans Grohe in 1901.

Since then, the German sanitary fittings manufacturer has evolved over time into a company with 33 subsidiaries and 22 sales offices worldwide, including one here in Johannesburg; employing approximately 4 700 staff globally.

Over the last 25 years, the Hansgrohe ZA brand has become synonymous with unique designs, flawless products and leadership in the field of sanitary fittings. As of 2015, Hansgrohe SE has registered over 2500 patents, including 1934’s automatic drainage systems, 1968’s adjustable water jet and 1984’s kitchen faucet with pull-out hand spray. However, in the last quarter-century our local Hansgrohe has really taken up Hansgrohe SE’s mantle as the forerunner in the bathroom and kitchen game.

Working alongside notable designers and a laboratory of hydration specialists, Hansgrohe has developed some truly remarkable products which have set the benchmark for the future of sanitation and comfort.

A major part of this evolution includes eco-friendly products which look to reduce water waste, which is absolutely critical in our part of the world. Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart has water limiting capabilities which can save huge amounts of water in the long run. But even more well-known is Hansgrohe’s near-prophetic indulgence in aerated water technology.

Offering products like PowderRain, RainStream and Rainfinity, hansgrohe has truly moved into a new age of bathroom, shower and kitchen comfort. Added to all of these is Hansgrohe’s beautiful designs like the Metris, Talis and Raindance faucets; their range of precise sinks; and shower mixers and thermostats which suit the bachelor, the couple or the family. It has been an incredible rise for Hansgrohe in such a short time, and it is safe to say that if this company can achieve all of this before the age of 25, imagine where it will be by the age of 50. Happy birthday Hansgrohe! 25 never looked so good …

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