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Wednesday, 17 April 2019 13:58

A Little Horse Called Pancakes and the Big Scare

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A Little Horse Called Pancakes and the Big Scare

Candice Noakes-Dobson returns with her 4th installment in the A Little Horse Called Pancakes Book collection – A Little Horse Called Pancakes and the Big Scare. This story is adapted from real-life characters and events within the Cape Town horse-riding community. Set against the backdrop of an all-important dressage competition, the story sees the legendary miniature horse taken ill by a life-threatening sickness. Disaster is averted by the love and care of AnnaB, once again illustrating the amazing bond between human and pet, before Pancakes finds a unique way to repay her love.

“We are so excited to also feature South African dressage superstar, Nichola Mohr, in this story too. She has been such an inspiration to AnnaB, and is living proof that with hard work anything is possible,” says Candice. Nichola is currently in Germany with her horse, Callaho Winston, as they prepare to hopefully be the first South African born horse and rider team to compete at the Olympic Games.

As with the other books in the series, this story hopes to inspire not only a love of reading in children, but also a love for all living animals and how powerful these friendships can be. All proceeds from the book are donated to SARDA (South African Riding for the Disabled Association).

For more information about Pancakes and the adventures that he and AnnaB get up to on a daily basis please follow them on social media:
Facebook – @pancakesbookcollection
Instagram – @alittlehorsecalledpancakes

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