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Monday, 01 April 2019 11:37

All of the scrub none of the scratch!

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CHUX Non Scratch Scourer Scrubs

It’s easy to feel like you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to cleaning your house. This only increases during the busy festive season with additional cooking, baking and entertaining! Luckily Chux® has a solution to make the big chores smaller.

The Chux Non-Scratch Scourer Scrub is an effective cleaning aid. This nifty little scrubber has a long list of uses, there is no need to be gentle – just get in there and scrub! Clean your kitchen stove top with baking soda and a Chux Non-Scratch Scourer Scrub. Mix baking soda with water to form a paste. Rub the paste over your stove top, being sure to properly coat the areas with the most stains. Then wipe it away with your Chux Non-Scratch Scourer Scrub. The same will work for inside your oven and roasting pans after greasy turkey roasting!

Cleaning the sink needs a lot of attention because of all sorts of soap deposits, food stains, rust, and water spots. To clean, add a squirt of dishwashing liquid and simply wipe away with a Chux Non-Scratch Scourer Scrub. Since these sponges do not scratch you can even use them in your lovely bathroom to get into the nitty gritty places like around plug holes and along edges where mildew and mould may gather, without scratching the bath or basin.

Use a Chux Non-Scratch Scourer Scrub and some detergent to remove stubborn stains from the sole of your iron and other non-stick / Teflon surfaces. So, scrub with abandon with the peace of mind that no scratches will be left on your precious pots, pans, sanitary ware or anything else!Chux® helps makes the big chores smaller. Chux® offers an extensive range of quality cleaning accessories to help you tackle any cleaning challenge around your home. Regardless of your preferred cleaning routine, no matter the mess … there’s a Chux® for whatever life Chux® at you.

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For more information on Chux® visit or Chux® can be found at selected Spar, Pick n Pay Family and OK Foods stores nationwide.

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