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Tuesday, 09 October 2018 14:55

Zuru enters the local skincare and baby products market with exciting product range.

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Zuru baby products contain highly beneficial avocado oil

The South African skincare and baby care market is today welcoming the entrance of a new product range under the name ZURU which will service all skin types exposed to the beautiful African sun and different weather conditions. The products which are manufactured by the fast growing black owned and managed Xitsavi Health company have been developed by the highly experienced and innovative team at CW Pharmaceuticals in Centurion, Gauteng.  

Zuru products, which consist of women & baby range, have been crafted with care using coveted natural ingredients such as moringa oil, avocado oil & safflower oil all of which have a special place in the hearts of African consumers.   

The moringa oil found in most of Zuru skincare products has been used in Africa for many centuries as a curing herb for various ailments. It is a well-known tree and often called tree of life because of its properties including amongst others protein, calcium, beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium and many more.

Other Zuru products contain amongst other ingredients avocado oil which offers sunscreen protection and safflower oil which is highly revered for the treatment of eczema or dry skin. Combination of these products always keeps the skin nourished and healthy. These coveted products ensure that skin will not break or damage when exposed to the sun. It is well known that Moringa, avocado and shea butter are the healthiest ingredients for any skin and Zuru has incorporated these ingredients into their products to keep skin revitalized and feeling fresh always.

Our baby products are produced in such a way that it can be used on any type of baby skin, ages from new born babies to 5 years old.  

Nonceba Hlengani, 23-year old Zuru MD, says, “Zuru products are making their market entry into the local market at a time when most people are still struggling to find the correct   products to use on their skin or babies. We have researched our products to respond to the African environment because this environment needs appropriate solutions developed by local experts who understand the daily contact between our skin and the harsh realities” 

“I know my own struggles to find the right products, and that experience has been part of my input in developing Zuru. Having unhealthy skin made me uncomfortable, I researched the root cause and, a lack of vitamin A is what popped up, I had to come up with a range of products that will help restore the vitamin A deficiency that most African people suffer from. With Zuru we are now able to assist in the rehabilitation and regeneration of unhealthy skin, by restoring what skin has lost” – says Nonceba.   

Xitsavi Health was established in 2017 as partnership between Xitsavi Group and CW Pharmaceuticals to research, develop, market and distribute beauty and personal care products in the African continent. The company also do contract manufacturing on beauty and personal care products for clients.   CW Pharmaceuticals is a premium producer of skin and personal care products, established in the late 1990's as a small manufacturing entity with the sole purpose of developing and manufacturing Placecol skin care products.

The company started investing in suitable equipment and well-trained staff to enable it to compete in the contract manufacturing arena and expanded business operations to support the growing production facility. Clients who wanted to produce private brands to retail both locally and internationally soon knocked on CW's door as they were after the same particular service and quality that CW is so known for. The company has expanded to proudly serve numerous clients and has built reputation as a premium contract manufacturer of cosmetics and personal care products.                                                   

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If you would like to know more about Zuru, its product access and samples, please contact: Nonceba Hlengani on 011 026 1608/062 530 7623 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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