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Friday, 24 August 2018 14:26

Soweto Street Cookout – it’s the place to be seen

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It’s time to represent your kasi! The Soweto Street Cookout will be rocking Mofolo Park on Saturday 27 October 2018 – and YOU want to be there.

Hosted by Di1 Events Management, the event starts at 10am and rocks through to 1am, in a party atmosphere that will highlight the legendary food created by some of the greatest local Chefpreneurs from all over Gauteng. This dazzling event will celebrate the art of brilliant food, while inspiring young and up-and-coming Chefs. It’s a day for foodies to enjoy their favourite flavours, as well as explore some new taste creations in the birthplace of Kwaito.

This is a not-to-be-missed interactive social affair and a culinary show-down, where vendors grandstand diverse cooking styles. The perfect opportunity for family time and business networking, this event celebrates social cohesion through food, beverages and fashion.  

Join us at this unique concept inspired by Soweto, in the heart of Soweto! We’re expecting to welcome over 8 000 guests to this annual festival, where you can experience different cultures and local entertainment. Besides the sumptuous cookout, a “liquid on lips” bar service will be hosted by Thirst as you enjoy national and local entertainers, as well as activities and competitions for adults and children.

What you can expect... 

Secure parking is available at R20 per car and a designated Uber drop off and pick up point. Incredible artists set to get you moving include Master T Rox, Samthing Soweto, Ruber Duc, Safro Band and many more. Ticket can be purchased online from:

Not a foodie? You’ll be one after this event - its set to tantalise taste buds and rekindle all your memories of friendships and fun in the place so many of us still call home! Make Soweto your home for the day and party hearty with foods from Chefs who make magic with food.  Looking to see you there, dressed to the nines!

Post your best pics to our Social media pages using the hashtags #SowetoStreetCookout #SCC #SowetoCookout 

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