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Friday, 10 February 2017 11:47

In Love with Glad

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In Love with Glad

Valentine's Day cherishes love and romance, and is a day to celebrate your partner. 

GLAD has a few handy hints and ideas to help make your Valentine’s day that little bit better.

When the weather is fine, plan a romantic picnic!

  • Pack a picnic basket using snacky foods that you can enjoy under the sun or stars; use GLAD Zip Seal Snack Bags to store them in to keep the pesky ants out and to keep the food germ-free
  • Keep your refreshments cool using GLAD Ice Cube Bags in your cooler box – you can also take out the hygienically sealed ice blocks to use in your drinks once you’ve opened and poured the drinks
  • Wrap plates of food in Cling Wrap to keep everything from spilling or messing
  • Keep salad dressing or sauces in a small GLAD Zip Seal Snack Bags. To serve, simply snip the corner of the bag and pour!
  • Use large GLAD Zip Seal Freezer Bags to put dirty dishes and cutlery in so that there is less mess at the end of the evening
  • GLAD WaveTop Tie Citrus Fresh Scented Bags are perfect for cleaning up mess after a picnic - the WaveTop Ties let you easily and hygienically close the bag and the citrus fresh scent helps control odours for the car ride home

Making a nice dinner?

  • Use GLAD Bake & Cooking paper to wrap meat, chicken or fish in individual ‘parcels’ to bake or steam – be creative and use different herbs and spice it up!
  • A heathy, low-fat way to cook is to use GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper over the pan, between the food and the pan. It has a special non-stick coating that eliminates the need for fats and oils. It also saves you pan-scrubbing time

Time for a little dessert!

  • Wrap and seal chocolate chips and crushed nuts in GLAD Press’n Seal, keeping them in the fridge/freezer. They are kept fresh and ready to sprinkle over chocolate desserts and ice creams.
  • Make chocolate dipped strawberries and refrigerate on a plat or tray lined with GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper to stop them from sticking

GLAD is happy to help on all special occasions and fits in to every space, time and budget!

GLAD – Save good food. From going bad.

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