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Boomplaats Organic Farm Celebrates the Launch of South Africa’s First 100% Grass-fed Organic Certified Beef in Gauteng

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Boomplaats Organic Farm Celebrates the Launch of South Africa’s First 100% Grass-fed Organic Certified Beef in Gauteng

There's no doubt that more people than ever want to eat organic produce. Now South Africans can also enjoy the added taste and health benefits organic beef has to offer, thanks to Boomplaats Organic Farm, who recently became the first South African farm to supply certified organic and grass-fed beef to the Gauteng market 

South Africa has often been praised for having some of the best beef in the world – finally, a South African farm now has the certification to back up those claims. Enter Boomplaats Organic Farm, a Zastron - Orange Free State based farm that believes in promoting organic and sustainable living. Boomplaats obtained its Organic certification in 2015 from German based certification company BCS OKO Garantie.  Culinary and health enthusiasts couldn't be more pleased with the news.

“We're very happy to be providing this kind of quality product here in South Africa, where people generally have a great appreciation for high quality beef,” commented David Warren from the farm. “Getting certified is very important as it removes any doubts that consumers may have about how our meat is produced and how our animals are reared.” 

According to Boomplaats Organic Farm, they are happy to not only offer their meat for sale, but also to use Facebook and their website to educate people about the benefits of organic farming and eating grass-fed beef.  The farm also offers accommodation, where interested parties can see first hand how an organic farm operates. “We love it when families come to visit us so that we can teach children where REAL food comes from” says David Warren. 

Feedback for their products has been overwhelmingly positive. 100% grass-fed organic beef is naturally leaner than the commercial meat available in supermarkets and butcheries that were grain finished in feedlots. In addition to being inhumane to animals grain finished beef is super high in Omega 6 fatty acids which can lead to chronic inflammation resulting in Cancer, Heart disease and Alzheimer’s etc. “Our free range, grass-fed meat is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and packed with nutrients that help prevent these diseases” 

John S., from Villeria, recently said in a five star review, “The difference in the quality of the steaks from Boomplaats compared to non-organic and grain fed beef is stunning.  I fully recommend Boomplaats Organic Farm!” 

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Notes for the Editor:

There are free accommodation available on the farm for anybody wanting to write an article on Boomplaats and the Unique way they farm to ensure the health of their animals. Just contact David Warren on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 082 851 9312 to make arrangements.


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