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Monday, 19 March 2012 14:19

The unwritten job description of every Mother

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Gift out the Box is a new, innovative and exciting trend in gift giving.

Our objective is to provide the perfect gift in a world where choice abounds. Instead of buying the same gift or giving the same generic gift vouchers from large retail chains, our product offers the recipient an experience - an experience that will recharge body and soul. Our gifts are stylish, upmarket and give that special person in your life the choice of where, when and with whom they would like to enjoy their experience. Gift boxes can be bought for any special occasion and we are proud to announce that for Mother’s day an exciting, new opportunity has opened up at Gift out the Box.

We are looking for Mothers to fill the following, high-profile position and share in this fantastic experience. Designation: Mother / Mommy / Mom The ideal candidate is: more powerful than Wonder Woman, more skilled than Charlie's Angels, she is far more impressive than Catwoman and gets rid of those monsters under your bed better than Buffy. She deals with the bad guys more efficiently than Sarah Conner, understands you far better than Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter and certainly helps you find lost relics in your room faster than Lara Croft!

She makes sure that no-one gets voted off the island in Survivor: the family, will definitely win Master Chef with one hand tied behind her back and sometimes you wonder how she sees more than Big Brother. She certainly knows more than The Doctors, is better with your Schnauzer and your brother than the Dog Whisperer and can set you straight faster than Mythbusters. She has more creative flair than the team from Home Makeover, she will win Pop Idols in the middle of the night just singing you to sleep and makes you laugh harder than any Last Comic Standing.

The candidate must have previous experience as: a medical practitioner, psychologist, handy (wo)man, taxi driver, IT specialist, teacher, chef, mediator, interior designer, hairdresser, administrative assistant, landscape architect, comedian, events co-ordinator, image consultant, housekeeper, accountant, telecommunications specialist, knowledge manager, plumber and sports coach.

The following requirements are essential: excellent interpersonal and communication skills, must be a team player, must work well under pressure, must have unparalleled organisational skills, ability to function independently and as part of a diverse team, attendance of after-hours functions and events, ability to take responsibility and work unsupervised, long term commitment, willing to travel, excellent time management skills, proven ability to acquire new technical skills quickly, ability to multi-task and prioritise workload. The candidate will possess the following personal skills and attributes: excellent attention to detail, excellent analysis and problem solving ability, exceptional planning and organisational skills, ability to prioritise and to remain focused under pressure, ability and willingness to work overtime and weekends.

Advantageous: she has the ability to communicate well with people at all levels and of all ages, she possesses initiative, enthusiasm, creative flair, the ability to cope under pressure, a sense of humour, budgeting and planning skills, as well as using resources efficiently, ability to solve complex problems, getting things done and a keen interest and ability to learn on the job This is a long term, highly demanding, but truly rewarding position.

Long term rewards and job satisfaction guaranteed. Remuneration: Gift out the Box Spa break or Gift out the Box Spa Deluxe. This will help your mom to relax and recharge her batteries for her demanding job! This year, be different and spoil your Mother with a Gift out the Box the perfect gift for Mother's Day on the 13th May ...

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