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Thursday, 03 August 2006 22:10

Challenging the world of disability

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[] ZIP ZIP MY BRAIN HARTS “Every parent’s secret dread is a ‘dodgy’ child.” – Angela Buckland. Zip Zip My Brain Harts is the result of an unusual experiment – a collaboration between photographer Angie Buckland and researchers concerned with disability issues. This remarkable series of photographs interspersed with challenging…
[] Many talented young vocal artists are faced with the challenge of funding their first album, which can amount in South Africa to a staggering R400 000. This is forcing local musicians to be highly innovative in launching their careers. One Cape-based singer-songwriter - Verity - currently has interested parties…
Friday, 24 March 2006 04:00

Even the Milkman Blogs

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[] Blogs are entering the mainstream in such a big way that even a milkman from South Africa has one - and he is using it to spread the good word about dairy.To counter the negative posts on dairy we see all over the Internet and supply the consumer as…
[] Frenske and Vanilla Canvas Gallery will be holding an exhibition of photo-art from the 15th June until the 22nd June 2006.

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