26 April 2021

Waste Management in Durban

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
Waste Management in Durban

Waste management is not a new concept to many people; it is one that has gained a substantial amount of popularity in addition to becoming a social and environmental responsibility of every person.

We live in an age where all kinds of waste can be removed, from a private home to businesses, and busy construction sites. Most people already have a waste management routine in place; once something is thrown into the bin and the bag is removed and placed on the pavement for collection, it is a waste management system that forms part of a larger operation.

When it is placed in a nutshell, waste management in Durban involves the collection, transportation, and the disposal of waste products, no matter what kind they are. Efficient and effective waste management systems are crucial for the safety as well as the protection of the environment and it is beneficial to the population.

Due to the rapid pace of population growth as well as developments in industries and infrastructure, there is a substantial increase of waste.

In taking a systematic approach to waste disposal it decreases the chances of land degradation and that of water and air. It is about so much more than just refuse removal in Durban, it also incorporates recycling and the reusing of waste to reduce pollution, emissions, and contamination.

It is for this reason that initiatives such as Enviro skip promotes a various refuse, waste, and rubble removal in Durban, Ballito, and Umhlanga, by providing a simplified yet effective service. 

How to create a highly effective waste removal plan 


With the world shifting to a more green and sustainable way of living, and discarding waste, it is important to consider that it is possible to cut back on the amount of waste created by a household or a business.

By incorporating more sustainable practices into daily routines, despite whether it is for a household, office, or a construction site. Before something is thrown away, consider whether it can be recycled or reused in some way instead.


 Waste management is a commitment that should be a way of life as it is something that requires consistent thought and action. Sustainable waste management is not something that requires a significant amount of effort.

Once every step of the way is planned out and sustainable practices form a part of everyday life and business, it can merely be maintained. This way, adjustments are only necessary when other practices change. 


Consider hiring a skip as a step instead of handling waste management yourself. By partnering with a skip hire company such as Enviro Skip, and working together, waste can be successfully and safely disposed of. From refuse removals, rubble removals, and garden refuse removal in Durban, amidst numerous other locations, Enviro Skip is a one-stop solution for households and businesses.

Reduction of landfills

Lastly, effort should be made to avoid placing more waste into landfills. They have significant impact on the environment and communities that are based around such sites. Even though it is not always possible to avoid it, recycling can become a more viable option to prevent additional waste from ending up on landfills.