28 September 2020

The Benefits of Waste Removal by a Private Company

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
The Benefits of Waste Removal by a Private Company

In Durban, Umhlanga and Ballito in the KwaZulu Natal Region you simply cannot rely on local municipal waste removal services for the removal of all types of waste. Electronics, rubble, and anything that is deemed too heavy is often left on the pavement on removal day. It forces those looking to remove such waste to seek out other alternatives.

You could loan a friends truck or “bakkie” and try to do it all by yourself, but to be honest – it is a hassle to cart waste, not to mention the fact that designated dumpsites are often quite far from where you live. And when you consider the amount of waste that must be removed it is just not an option to use contractors for this purpose.

It would be much easier and cost effective to invest in our waste removal and waste management in Durban

Why? Because you will benefit in the following ways:

Saving money

Everybody wants to save their money these days. Waste removal by an alternative/private company is a whole lot cheaper than you might think and it also covers the transportation of the waste to wherever you are taking it to be dumped. If you want to remove the waste yourself, you can always opt for skip hire services. The costs involved with hiring a skip for refuse removal are also far more affordable than opposed to buying one.

(You might be interested in skip hire in Umhlanga or skip hire in Ballito)

It’s the greener option 

Its our responsibility to consider the impact of all our actions on the environment and to have a safe place to put your waste is without any doubt your more environmentally friendly option, especially when you are dealing with hazardous waste.

Easy use 

Waste removal becomes a breeze when throwing the waste in a skip. Depending on the type of skip you have decided to hire, you might have the kind with a door that opens and allows you to walk in and literally dump the waste.


There are a number of different types of skips available for hire. You don’t have to hire a massive one when what you really need is the mini model for your waste removal requirements. This is really advantageous if you have the need for a skip at your private home in Durban and all the surrounding suburbs.