04 November 2020

Standby solutions will keep the power on

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Standby solutions will keep the power on

Over the past few years, loadshedding has impacted every aspect of life in South Africa. The economy has without a doubt suffered the most significant loss. The interruptions caused by loadshedding are far reaching across industries and include,

  • Employee productivity
  • Production output
  • Delayed delivery schedules.

Each of the above factors add pressure to organisations as they navigate through trying economic times. Standby solutions may be just what your organisation needs to keep operations moving.

Specialised power standby equipment has been perfected by a well-known South African battery manufacturer, who focused their efforts on effective and efficient solutions to keep the power on. Solutions include,

Standby batteries for security

Standby batteries are an effective method of providing backup power to operations that include security, automated gates, shutter garages, CCTV systems and electric fences. This ensures your business remains safe during loadshedding and power outages.

Keeping the power on

Standby batteries are available to keep important systems powered up during outages. These robust systems are able to power UPS equipment, telecommunication solutions that make use of battery packs, and utility solutions for Switchgear protection that prevents damage to electrical components. Implementing these solutions are ideal to keep the power on and prevent costly repairs due to power surges caused by loadshedding.

Solar standby solutions

An environmentally conscious solution that provides consistent power, and if executed well, can earn organisations an incentive from the state. The feed-in tariff plan is effective as every kWh of power generated through a solar solution, is fed back to the power grid. Organisations can then reclaim R2 for every kWh they provide to the grid.

While each of the above solutions are effective at keeping businesses functioning, additional advantages include,

  • Reduced noise pollution. Battery-powered standby solutions are silent and less distracting than generators.
  • Decreased air pollution. Batteries and solar solutions are fume-free.
  • No distractions to employees as standby solutions seamlessly switch on when the power outage begins.

In these difficult times, it’s important for organisations of all sizes to install backup systems. Standby solutions in turn provide the upperhand over competitors and keeps the consumer satisfied.

To explore standby solutions that may change your business for the better, visit https://www.battery.co.za/products/standby/.

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First National Battery is South Africa's leading lead-acid battery manufacturer for industries and applications ranging from automotive (including industrial, commercial and passenger vehicles), mining, railway and renewable energy to surface traction, telecommunications and standby battery solutions. Their vehicle battery solutions are trusted by all leading car manufacturers in South Africa. They produce more than 2.2 million batteries each year and export their leading solutions to more than 40 countries.

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