02 June 2022

South Africa's first Solar Panel Protection Coating

Submitted by Danny Joubert
South Africa's first Solar Panel Protection Coating

A leading South African nano technology company has successfully developed and are producing a nano ceramic hybrid coating for use on Solar Panels. Not only does it make the panels self cleaning but also makes them more efficient and extra added protection against frost and hail impact.

NanoSOL is a hybrid ceramic coating that can be applied to Solar Panels in various commercial and residential applications. This coating consists of patented polysilizanes which have been developed by NannoTEK SA and also incorporates Graphene which makes the super thin coating highly durable with a 9H+ hardness. It can be easily applied to the solar panels and once cured offers care free maintenance for up to 10 years. Conventional Ceramic Coatings used in other applications generally have a 2 year lifespan. Utilising our unique formulation that is extended to 10 years with proper application.

"Our NanoSOL Coating makes the surface super hydrophobic which ensures that rain, dew  or water droplets are immediately beaded and run off the panel, it also then makes the surface self cleaning as dust and all contaminants will be cleaned off when it rains." says Thornton Oakes Director of NannoTEK. " We have also incorporated nano graphene produced in South Africa which makes our super thin coating which when applied is 1 micron thick, which not only strengthens the panel against impact, eg hail stones,  but also helps the penetration of rays making the performance of the panels far more efficient in performance as no dust film settles making UV absorption more difficult, if its really dirty a hose down will ensure the panel is 100% cleaned." adds Oakes.

NanoSOL has been extensively tested and development of this one of a kind coating has taken the NannoTEK team over 2 years. Opportunities of creating employment exist in after market installations and NannoTEK have launched MyNano as a portal and online partner where the product can be purchased by the Consumer via Leroy Merlin as well as Takealot and Makro Marketplace. MyNano will also be awarding Applicators agencies on a National Basis where after market applications can be done on existing panel installations. NannoTEK will provide full training and installation equipment for this to the installers.

Current International and local maintenance of solar panels include manual cleaning services and as released in India mechanical cleaning equipment which come at a huge cost cumulatively. Our solution is a one off application and no further human intervention is required. Solar Farms will most definitely be a big target market as well as Commercial Installations.

Proudly produced in South Africa and developed NannoTEK have full confidence that International demand for this revolutionary new product will result in exports.

Available in 50ml bottles the applicator will use 3 to 5ml per square meter making NannoSOL very affordable and offering great coverage.

Product can be found online through  https://mynano.co.za/nano-solar-panel-coating/and through https://leroymerlin.co.za/nanosol-solar-ceramic-coatingin.co.za and soon available on Takealot and Makro Marketplace.

Video available at: https://youtube.com/shorts/s_B_aINhQog 


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