11 May 2015

Next generation electromechanical cylinder from Tectra Automation: powerful with a hygienic design

Submitted by Colleen Payne

Tectra Automation, part of the Hytec Group of Companies, has introduced the second generation EMC electromechanical cylinder from Bosch Rexroth, with expanded possibilities for use. With hygienic design and IP56 protection class, these cylinders are ideal for applications with frequent cleaning cycles, such as those in the food industry. Furthermore, the new size EMC100-XC-2 increases the power density for feeding forces of up to 56 kN. An optional force sensor allows decentralised process controls without a higher-level control system.  

A simplified explanation of the function is that the axis penetrates the narrow working area and approaches different positions, or varies the pressing force: electromechanical cylinders combine the advantages of a slim cylinder with the possibilities provided by digital control of electrical drives. The ready-to-install drive units consist of anodised aluminium profiles in ISO standard dimensions, with an integrated ball screw drive. They cover variable-length strokes of up to 1 500 mm.  

In the newly-developed second generation, Bosch Rexroth has implemented the principle of hygienic design in the cylinder body – there are no recesses or slots in which dirt can be trapped and the screws on the end face can be optionally sealed. Together with the version in IP65, which is also valid for the timing belt side drive, the EMC withstands frequent cleaning cycles and spray water.  

Designed for use in applications with particularly aggressive cleaning agents, the version in IP65 + R ensures a long service life with seals and scrapers made from chemically stable materials. A pressure compensation port prevents the occurrence of overpressure or negative pressure in the cylinder for the versions in IP65.

Additional size and optional force sensors The EMC100-XC-2 variant completes the product range (XC = extra capacity).

The EMC-100-XC is longer as the EMC-100-NN-2, a larger axial bearing and larger ball screw drive provide up to 56 kN of feeding force – at the same profile cross-section. This widens the usage for Bosch Rexroth electromechanical cylinders from Tectra Automation towards more powerful applications in forming and machining.  

Bosch Rexroth offers all EMC sizes with an optional force measuring pin. This can be placed on the end of the piston rod as well as on the timing belt side drive. The sensors transmit the values with a +/- 10V analog signal to the drive. A Motion Logic System, which can be optionally integrated in the Bosch Rexroth drives, evaluates these signals and enables decentralised process control without a higher-level control system. In addition, the certified Safety on Board safety functions, that are integrated in the drive, simplify proper implementation of the Machinery Directive with low engineering effort.  

The new housing is equal in its dimensions to those of the first generation, ensuring interchangeability. The technical data of the second generation is the same or better for all sizes, in comparison with the previous series. As a function of the piston rod position, the new EMC catalogue contains new diagrams for the permitted radial piston rod force. With the newly designed lubrication points, users can integrate the electromechanical cylinder in central lubrication concepts.   Tectra Automation provides a wide range of servomotors and drive controls which are suitable for the different sizes. Users can also operate the electromechanical cylinders using motors and controllers from other manufacturers. An online configurator supports selection of the suitable motor attachment kit.  

ENDS Images Picture 1: PR TEC 3976 Second Generation EMC Caption: Without slots and recesses. The second generation EMC electromechanical   cylinder, with hygienic design and additional size.  

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