25 October 2019

Mechanical Rotating Solutions delivers turnkey gland water supply project

Submitted by Mario Smit
Mechanical Rotating Solutions delivers turnkey gland water supply project

When a Mpumalanga Platimum mine required a clean and reliable gland water supply solution for their slurry pumps, they chose Mechanical Rotating Solutions (MRS) as best equipped to offer them the most suitable option available.Mechanical Rotating Solutions supplied and installed two Vertical Multistage centrifugal pumps supporting the unit in supplying gland service water to five Envirotec slurry pumps, pumping in series, ranging from 4 to 15 bar pressure to the stuffing boxes. 

The complete MRS installation supplying gland water to the client’s slurry pumps 

According to Mechanical Rotating Solutions Managing Director, Franscois Steenkamp, clean and reliable gland water supply is an essential utility at any mining operation. “Pressurised gland water is pumped into the Gland Packed Stuffing box of slurry pumps in order to keep them clear of dirt, debris and impurities. This gland seal water enables the pump sleeve to rotate within its stuffing box with minimum friction whilst preventing the slurry from back-flowing into the gland Packing and damaging the sleeve. It is critical that the correct fit for purpose pumps and support systems be selected ensuring that sufficient gland water flow and pressure is maintained. Operating without clean gland water will cause the slurry to back-flow into the pump’s stuffing box and damaging the rotating pumps  sleeveAs part of the project, Mechanical Rotating Solutions also supplied a self-cleaning electrical filter joined to the supply tank discharge valve via a Straub Flex pipe coupling.  The Straub Flex pipe coupling is designed to allow for slight misalignment and can easily handle gaps of 5mm between pipe ends.  The installed Purging Strainer is a completely autonomous in-line self-cleaning strainer. It utilizes a wedge wire basket as its straining component, from 50 micron upwards. 

An MRS supplied Straub Flex coupling joining the supply tank discharge valve to the self-cleaning electrical filter 

The system being on-line at all times through these cycles utilizes the operational pressure to force the dirt out through the purge valve. The unit self-cleans while in operation, with minimal pressure loss, allowing production to continue without interruption.Completing the MRS installation was the supply and installation of a stainless steel manifold consisting of an array of monitoring gauges and valves attached to flexible hosing. The manifold can be described as the arrangement of lines and valves used to direct and control fluid on a pumping unit. The most important factor in designing a gland water system is to ensure the system is reliable and has sufficient pressure. If gland water pressure is too low, it will not be able to overcome back-pressure from the pump and cause the slurry to back-flow into the stuffing box.Among its product offering and related turnkey solutions, Mechanical Rotating Solutions is currently servicing the Mpumalanga area with the AESSEAL® product range of mechanical seals and systems, Labtecta Bearing Isolators, Belzona Engineered Coatings and Superbolts, as well as supplying the whole of South Africa with innovative Straub pipe couplings, and turnkey pumping solutions including KSB pumps and valves, HCP pumps, DAB pumps and other world-class products.