06 April 2021

Battery innovation key for renewable energy

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Battery innovation key for renewable energy

The International Energy Agency predicts that almost 50% of sub-Saharan Africa will rely on renewable energy sources by 2040.1 While reliable energy will be critical for the continent’s economic growth, reliable battery storage will play an essential role for renewable energy to function properly.1

This is powering battery manufacturers to drive innovation to ensure we move into a future of renewable energy.

What is lithium-ion?

Lithium-ion is a powerful and reliable energy solution, and manufacturers are starting to recognize lithium-ion’s importance in energy storage.2 Using this advanced technology can give manufacturers a competitive edge, and at the same time, power up the lives of their customers and industries.

“Battery technology is changing, and soon a combination of energy systems will be the norm. It's important for us to stay on top of the latest battery technology and deliver safe, efficient, affordable and reliable energy solutions to our customers,” said Murray Long, Managing Director of First National Battery, South Africa's leading battery manufacturer and energy solutions provider.

What makes lithium-ion breakthrough?

The technology means batteries can be manufactured to2

  • Have a higher energy density than lead-acid batteries.
  • Charge at faster rates.
  • Require minimal maintenance.
  • Have a longer battery cycle life. 

Lithium-ion on the rise

Lithium-ion technology is already used in applications such as laptops and electric and hybrid vehicles. Some of South Africa's battery manufacturers are also testing lithium-ion to power forklift trucks.2 Although the uptake of electric vehicles in South Africa is slow, lithium-ion's demand in the country is expected to increase in the next decade.3 This need is attributed to increased demand for zero-emission vehicles, growth in renewable energy,3 and the wide variety of applications that can use lithium-ion, including cells in energy storage.2

With South Africa’s unreliable grid that can cause hours of power cuts to households and industries, energy storage has never been more important, as it can provide an additional power source when needed most. And there’s no better way to keep energy storage powered up than with technology that can power batteries hundreds of times and not lose battery efficiency.

For more information on battery technology and energy solution products, visit First National Battery.

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First National Battery is South Africa's leading battery manufacturer for industries and applications rangingfrom automotive (including industrial, commercial and passenger vehicles), mining, railway and renewable energy to surfacetraction, telecommunications and standby battery solutions. Their vehicle battery solutions are trusted by all leading carmanufacturers in South Africa. They produce more than 2.2 million batteries each year and export their leading solutions to morethan 40 countries. 

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