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Cleaning Technology Uses Sea Water to Reduce Secondary Mortality Post Natural Disaster

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Immerse-A-Clean now in South Africa

GenEon Technologies has a clearly defined mission: to redefine the meaning of safer cleaning and help communities improve their well-being through these technologies. This includes: sustainable, renewable and chemical free options. Their technology has been proven to improve health, productivity and safety for those who are exposed to the products. It is through in-depth research and a commitment to innovative solutions that they have developed sustainable and chemical-free cleaning and sanitising system.

GenEon Technologies is now available in South Africa and is changing industry, community and environment, one product at a time. You may have previously heard of Electro-Chemical Activation of water and associate this process with bulky devices and high costs. Fortunately, GenEon Technologies has set out to change the accessibility of ECA technology to make easy to use in places that we work, live and play in, and is now available in South Africa to rejuvenate our cleaning industry. Based in Texas, GenEon Technologies has perfected the ECA process and developed compact designs and innovative ‘blended streams’ solutions. Essentially, the company has compressed ECA technology so that the complicated and vulnerable aspects are no longer required. Their latest technological achievement is the Immerse-A-Clean.

This product is making headlines worldwide because of its simple, safe, and cost-effective solution in cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting – anytime and anywhere, even without access to an electrical power outlet. This is key to assisting the Public Health sector, reducing secondary mortality in the aftermath of natural disasters, preventing the spread of disease and infection. This is especially relevant in South Africa, where flooding (particularly in impoverished areas) has increased exponentially. It is well documented that during these emergency situations secondary deaths resulting from infection and spread if disease is common.

Testing conducted in labs in the US, using AOAC protocol and GLP procedures have confirmed that GenEon solution kills 99.999% of harmful pathogens in less than 30 seconds. This includes: HIV, E.coli, MRSA, B&C, Salmonella and many more. Another benefit is the ease of application. Not only can Immerse-A-Clean use a regular power outlet, it can also be connected to batteries of a powered cleaning equipment, using its own on-board battery pack. In addition, the Immerse-A-Clean can harness non-potable water and transform it into safe water for washing and domestic use. In traditional facility applications, the Immerse-A-Clean uses fresh water allowing it to be ideal in any setting for effectively creating cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting solutions on-site.

GenEon Co-Founder and VP of Client Services and Sales Operations, Syd Williams said, ‘The Immerse-A-Clean is an unprecedented combination of powerful cleaning and disinfecting with the flexibility to be used in any environment. The Immerse-A-Clean is not only a fantastic tool for Environmental Service Operations, Facility Servoces at Hospitals, Universities, Schools and other Facilities, but, it will also be a useful tool for Public Health experts to reduce or eliminate outbreaks of disease in the wake of natural disasters. We truly believe in its potential to save lives.’    

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