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Top SA Horse Farms Recommend The Probio Equine Range

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The Probio Equine range has grown in popularity among horse farm owners and managers around South Africa. Numerous Equine centers use Probio in their stables, notably Cavalli Stud Farm and Vine Hill near Stellenbosch, South Africa

Elra Tonkin, a saddle horse trainer at Cavalli Stud Farm, highly recommends Probio as a cost effective and easy to use all-round horse care solution. The products help the estate to save hugely on stable supplies as well as vet bills: Before using the Probio Equine range, they went through ten bags of shavings a day for twenty stalls, and now they’re down to just four bags.

The Probio Equine range addresses all elements of horse care, and many of the products are multi-purpose. Elra uses Odour Away, a versatile product that simultaneously combats odours and other potential health threats. Some of the benefits of using Odour Away, Elra says, are reductions in dustiness and dryness caused by accumulating shavings: ‘The horses' hooves don't dry out, they stay healthy…the horses don't cough either - it's a fantastic product.’ Elra states that ‘you can walk into the stalls, day or night, and the smell is wonderful’. 

Since using Probio, the stables at Cavalli have become almost completely free of flies. Leslie-Anne Leigh of Vine Hell has had the same positive experiences with the Probio Equine range, which she has used on her farm for three years. In a recent interview, she stated that the flies in her stables have ‘completely disappeared’. She also remarked on the benefit of being able to re-use manure as compost, continuing the natural cycle of healthy bacteria across the farm. 

The Probio Equine range works by creating and maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in the stables. The Equine range, comprised of Bio Clean and Odour Away, helps you to control ammonia levels in stables, reduce fly pests, save on sawdust and straw bedding and increase manure management options. Together, they address numerous areas of Equine health and care, providing an all-natural and highly effective alternative to chemical-based products. 

Bio Clean is an industrial strength probiotic cleaning concentrate containing powerful microbes and their metabolites that break down grease, grime and dirt. The microorganisms found in Odour Away feed on the high levels of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and volatile organic compounds found in stables. Applying Odour Away changes the underlying microbial ecology to one that is balanced and healthy. It works by treating the problem, as opposed to merely deodorizing the symptoms. This product can eliminate the source of foul odours before they occur, making it a sustainable Equine hygiene solution. 

As the testimonies from Cavalli Stud Farm and Vine Hill demonstrate, the Probio Equine range is dynamic and highly effective, addressing a plethora of horse care issues using safe and natural probiotic technology. These products ensure a cleaner stable environment and happier horses, and are rapidly becoming a trusted all-round Equine care solution across South Africa. 

Probio is also developing a range of digestive products namely Bio Livestock and Livestock Bokashi to include in the Equine Range.

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About Probio:

Probio is a South African product developer and producer of non-toxic, fully bio degradable and sustainable probiotic based chemical alternatives.

These products have been designed as a direct replacement to many manmade toxic chemicals currently being used in homes, commercial businesses and agriculture operations within Southern Africa. Probio aims to encourage environmental awareness and responsibility across the country and beyond by delivering products that are dynamic, highly effective and safe to use. Probio products include 12 strains of beneficial bacteria.  


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