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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 18:50

Sad day at Shamwari as Rhino dies

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The orphaned rhino calf, named Tanner 2, that survived the horrific poaching incident last month at Shamwari Game Reserve unfortunately died yesterday.

The Shamwari Veterinary team really did their utmost to recuperate Tanner 2 with the finest veterinarian care and24 hour love and attention and he was responding well once he was relocated to the boma at the Wildlife Centre.

Initial concerns were eye damage and pressure to lower limbs as well as the wound where his horns were brutally removed. The biggest initial challenges were to reduce pain and to get him to eat and drink and administer eye drops at six hours interval.

The solution to his anorexia was to introduce him to Clint, another orphaned white rhino calf. Clint taught him to once again enjoy the lush green grass in a camp at the Wildlife Centre. As Tanner’s eyesight was deteriorating, he also followed Clint to water troughs and a mud wallow and a strong bond developed between the two of them and they became best of friends, which was incredible to witness.

In the meantime Tanner had to be treated on a regular basis. As Clint became very protective over Tanner, it was a challenge to anaesthetise Tanner for treatment while Clint had to be kept at a distance. Although Tanner’s appetite improved, he had severe problems with tissue damage to one of his hind legs as well as deterioration of his eye sight.

States Joe Cloete - Group General Manager - Shamwari Group: “Things unfortunately turned to the worst on Sunday 4 December. Eye damage proved to be irreversible and sloughing of necrotic tissue to his leg affected his hock seriously. He struggled to stand up and walk. There was no reason to prolong his suffering. Thus Tanner was euthanised on yesterday, Monday 5 December. We cannot thank everyone enough for all the emails of well wishes and support to Tanner 2 and the Shamwari Anti Poaching Unit is not only going to put even further measures in place to prevent such incidents but also along with our alliances we are following all leads to bring rhino poaching syndicates to justice.”

Everyone at Shamwari, including Clint will definitely miss Tanner 2 and Clint will be relocated back to Kariega Game Reserve soon where he will join the existing herd of white rhino.

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