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Friday, 18 November 2011 18:23

Shamwari rhino responding well

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The orphaned rhino calf, named Tanner 2, that survived the horrific poaching incident last week at Shamwari Game Reserve has joined up with another rhino calf, also the orphan of a poaching incident that took place earlier this year at Kariega, and the two have bonded well and are being rehabilitated at Shamwari.

Comments veterinarian Murray Stokoe: “We did a follow up treatment with Tanner 2 yesterday and we’re happy to report that his nose is healing very well although his leg is taking a little time to heal but improving every day. The main concern now is the extent of the damage to his eyes which we will only know over time. He is eating much better and should pick up strength and overall condition as time progresses.”

Further good news is Anja Trutter, Shamwari’s wildlife monitor, has taken photos from one of the many cameras positioned throughout the reserve which shows a new born black rhino on Shamwari.

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