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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 13:14

ENSO Plastics brings 100% plastic bioderadability for landfill sitesto South Africa


Plastics are both a benefit and scourge to our planet.  They benefit us by reducing the bulk and weight of products, increasing the safety of products, and help make products more affordable. Plastics are a scourge when they are not handled correctly and end up accumulating in our landfills and oceans as litter. 

In an effort to help reduce the millions of tons of discarded plastics accumulating in our world’s landfills, and wildlife environments ENSO Plastics™, is bringing biodegradable technologies to the plastic industry.  We are dedicated to providing biodegradable plastic solutions to customers seeking biodegradable alternatives.

ENSO Plastics™ is a biodegradable additive technology mixed in during the manufacturing process; we are not Oxo biodegradable or PLA (corn based) plastics. Traditional plastics made with ENSO are biodegradable in anaerobic (landfill) environments, breaking down through microbial action into biogases and inert humus; leaving behind no harmful materials. Plastics utilizing ENSO are also fully recyclable and can be mixed into existing recycling streams without resulting in contamination.

ENSO Plastics™ is an environmental company with a mission to improve the environment through innovative plastic. ENSO provides a solution through the engineering of an additive technology allowing polymers to be recyclable and if exposed to a biomass concentration, such as encountered in the active zones in a landfill, to naturally biodegrade.

Based on molecular science behind ENSO's additive, independent laboratory testing of ENSO treated products to ASTM testing protocols, and hands-on processing by independent recyclers, it is the position of ENSO Plastics that polymers treated with our additives are recyclable alongside the existing standard polymers and will not induce harm or reduce the quality or longevity to products using recyclate with ENSO material. Plastics treated with ENSO additives are NOT PLA, OXO, or UV degradable.

ENSO utilizes an additive technology that does not alter the host resin in any way. Polymers using ENSO additives retain the same SPI resin code and the base polymer, and remains so during Manufacture, use and recycling, without any negative effects on the host resin.

Polymers using ENSO additives have been tested under ASTM D 1003 (Haze and Transmission), ASTM D 4603 (Intrinsic Viscosity), ASTM F 2013 (Acetaldehyde), Fluorescence Visual, and Visual Black Specks and Gels. All test results meet industry specifications. In addition, ENSO has worked with independent recycling companies validating that ENSO products have no adverse effects on the recycling process. ENSO additives are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved.

We recognize the recycling industry concerns regarding maintaining the integrity of the existing recycling infrastructure and the issues surrounding contamination of recycled materials as a result of the entry of PLA, oxo and photo-degradable plastics into the recycling stream. As a result, ENSO Plastics remains focused towards working with the recycling industry future testing procedures to validate the life span of recycled products through the application of sound scientific testing methods.

We believe a key component to solving the plastic pollution problem lies in improving the recycling process, recycling markets and end use products to improve recycling throughout South Africa. ENSO plastics are a key environmental solution as they address the vast majority of materials that are not recycled while integrating seamlessly with current recycling programs.

“Enso is very different to corn-based bottles, which have serious problems with shelf-life and stability in warm climates. The organic material that comprises the Enso additive acts as an inert filler during the entire useful life of the bottle. Only when the bottle is placed into a waste environment where there are millions of micro-organisms breaking down other organic material will the Enso additive come into play.”

ENSO Plastics™ provides the leading edge technology for rendering traditional plastics biodegradable through the use of specially formulated organic and renewable additives. We take great care to ensure the quality of the material we supply as well as the environmental performance of all products manufactured using these additives. Polyolefin and PET materials manufactured in accordance with our instructions and validated as biodegradable following ASTM / ISO testing guidelines for biodegradability and are approved to use the ENSO™ logo.

Enso additive can be used in the manufacturing of polyolefin and PET products (PVC, PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE & PET). All products containing the additive must be identified as stated in our ENSO Product and Logo Usage Guide.

Enso’s hard work and determination of creating a better tomorrow has paid off, with the first South African companies, Earth Water, House of Juice KZN and Wild Water house brand of “Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife” being committed to use the additive in their product packaging, making it 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.    

Enso is also focusing heavily on working with government and non-profit organisations to raise the educational awareness and understanding of its biodegradable technologies.

ENSO Plastics South Africa
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Tel. 031 569 4360
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