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Sunday, 24 July 2011 22:27

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Responds to Consumer Needs

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Contact Details Name : Abram Molobi Company : CBI electric: african cables Phone :084 500 9956 Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. URL : In light of the recent blackouts experienced in the Greater Ekurhuleni Metropolitan area the municipality is responding to consumer needs by investing over R25million in upgrading and strengthening of its electrical infrastructure.
The approved projects involve the installation of underground 44 000V cable between Harper and Anne and Anne and Johnston Substations. In addition to this, extension of the 44 000V underground network from Substation Z to Anne Substation will also take place.

Orders have already been placed with leading high voltage cable and installation experts CBi electric: african cables and CBi electric: power installations, with the introduction of the cable to go ahead shortly and site operations commencing immediately.

The projects will effectively connect the main supply substations in the Bedfordview area in a ring formation. This method of network supply effectively ensures that consumers can be supplied from two different and isolatable sources, thereby increasing security of supply and ensuring effective contingency planning.

Says the council’s Mr Hannes Roos “We cannot unfortunately guarantee supply as we are purchasers of electricity directly form Eskom and are affected by load shedding, in the national interest, from time to time. We can and are however able to take the necessary steps to ensure that our residents are protected from unwanted and unnecessary outages within our municipal boundaries and these projects are testament to that philosophy”.

The council appeals to all residents to exercise caution and patience during the installation of the underground cable but assures consumers that the slight inconvenience, mostly affecting traffic flow, will be well worth the resulting security of supply in the long run.

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