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Local companies turning to experts to reduce energy bills by half

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Tougher economic times are forcing companies to review costs at every turn, and many have been looking at easy ways to decrease their energy bills, usually a certain way to reduce costs before having to consider retrenchments. National parking group, King Parking, has seen a 50% decrease at their latest test site by implementing the recommendations of an energy consultant, Doctor Power.
When the lights were switched on at King Parking, Poyntons last Friday the retrofit of energy saving lighting equipment produced an energy saving of 50%. This was achieved by using 16mm diameter T5 fluorescent tubes in place of older large diameter tubes - coupled with Doctor Power’s specialized know-how and expertise required to maximize energy saving.

Whilst the harsher economic environment has its own impetus, companies will have to place even more focus on energy saving when Government introduces new legislation next year.

Doctor Power’s Managing director, Terence Holder, explains: "When legislation is introduced next year requiring all firms to make specific energy savings to assist in reducing the power requirements of the country, firms will be forced to review their energy policies and hardware. Effective consulting processes, coupled with the newest technology in energy efficiency, can assist any company in the country to save 50% on their lighting bills - a saving several times the required amount. This can also be extended to cutting municipal street lighting and all types of electric motors and compressors."

Lighting technology is proceeding at a phenomenal rate and the industry is fast becoming an international hotbed for innovation. Doctor Power procurement director, Simon Lin, makes several trips to the Far East each year to keep up with the latest developments.

"With the world’s eyes on energy efficiency, this industry is evolving at an incredibly rapid rate, and it is increasingly difficult for clients to navigate this maze of technology on their own. Using consultants to assist this process allows us to match the correct technology to the correct client, without under- or over-capitalising on energy resources."

Owners of King Parking, ApexHi Properties, are in the forefront in South Africa of cost control and energy monitoring in all of their buildings. As more pressure is placed on the South African business sector from regulations and the economy, more and more such companies see the value of energy consulting companies such as Doctor Power.

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