22 March 2022

4 Signs you Need to Have Your Septic Tank Cleaned

Submitted by Aidan van Vuuren

Slow Drains and Flushing
If any drains in your building, such as a sink, shower, or toilet drain, seem inefficient or slow, then it is a sure sign your septic tank needs cleaning. At this point, you could call a commercial septic tank cleaning company, such as Drain Blasters.

The fuller a septic tank is, the less air there is for the gases that build up inside it. When there is no more room left, the gases escape through your drains or over your drain field, causing a strong smell of sulphur or sewage. 

Standing Water
If there is standing water above your business’s drainage field, then your problem of a full septic tank is almost at critical levels. Standing water occurs when a septic tank is so full it overflows in the ground above it. 

Sewage Backup
If at any point raw sewage starts backing up through the drains of your commercial property, it has become an issue requiring emergency service. While a good septic tank cleaning may help solve the problem, you will need a full septic system inspection to ensure there is no damage. Drain Blasters. is available 24/7 to provide commercial emergency service for cases like these.

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