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Monday, 15 July 2019 14:11

Topics Covered: The Southern Africa Power Summit #SSAPOW19

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Topics Covered: The Southern Africa Power Summit #SSAPOW19


The 5th Annual Southern Africa Power Summit 2019 #SSAPOW19, now in it's 5th year, hosted by Vale Media Group & Vale Media Group Senegal, the African focused Oil & Energy B2B Events Company, in partnership with Pele Energy Group will provide a unique platform to address some of the key trends and challenges currently facing the Power & Renewables Industry in Southern Africa.

Who Attends?

  • Ministries & Governments
    Meet with ministers and government contacts. Build relationships and educate yourself on country specific challenges.

  • National Power Companies
    Meet key decision makers from National Power Companies. We have representation from the 15 SADC countries.

  • Independent Power Producers
    We have attendance from some of the world's biggest players in the Power Sector, operating in Southern Africa but with a global focus.

  • Solutions Providers
    Meet with solution providers that have solutions and technologies to meet the ever changing challenges n the power sector in Sub Sahara Africa.

More info... Read the latest news here:-

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The Sub Saharan Africa focused Oil & Energy B2B Events Company .At Vale Media Group we focus on results. We are flipping the script on the B2B Oil & Energy event game in Sub Saharan Africa. We have over thirty years’ experience of delivering high end B2B events with a focus directly on the Oil & Energy sectors in Sub Saharan Africa. We work directly with the leading Ministries, IOC’s, NOC’s, National Power Companies & IPP’s. We facilitate our world class events with C-Level or equivalent decision makers to support them overcome their unique challenges by connecting them to relevant solution providers.

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