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Wednesday, 24 October 2018 10:59

Community gym for Soweto residents

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Netball players from Emisebeni Primary School try out the gym equipment at the new Mofolo Park community gym in Soweto.

Mofolo residents in Soweto now have a brand-new outdoor gym in their park.   

The gym, which is a collaboration between Joburg City Parks and Zoo and Hi-Tec, was officially opened to the public on 17 October 2018. In celebration of the launch, Joburg City Parks and Zoo hosted an event that was attended by residents, learners from Emisebeni Primary School and City of Johannesburg officials.   

 At the event, Councillor Johannes Mofokeng welcomed residents to their new park and urged them to take care of it. “What we have here is so much more than a park, it is another step in the journey towards developing a sustainable and vibrant urban community in Soweto. We need to look after and protect spaces like these to ensure that residents can benefit from them for years to come,” he said.     

The outdoor gym consists of green and black machines modelled on all-weather playground equipment and is free for everyone to use. The machines, which include a Spinning Bike, a Waist Trainer, a Chest Press, a Four Person Core Area, an Air Walker, a Double Ski and Push up Bars; makes use of the user’s body weight to contribute to a full-body workout.    

The park forms part of Hi-Tec’s campaign #LiveSupernatural, which aims to breathe life into city spaces as well as to inspire all South Africans to enjoy and explore their beautiful, natural surrounds. “As an outdoor brand, our brand goals are to get more people outside. We have realized that engaging with the urban consumer means investing in their community, as not everyone has the time, resources or access to fitness facilities or the greater outdoors,” says Joanne Esterhuizen, Hi-Tec Marketing Director. “We hope that this park will serve as a call to action to all Soweto residents to step into their best lives with intention, movement and action” she said.   

The promise of jobs and economic prosperity has drawn many South Africans into Gauteng’s urban areas, causing overcrowding in places like Soweto. It is believed that the park will assist in giving residents more space to engage and grow.    

The City of Johannesburg hopes that this new park will bring residents together, help build civic pride and good health. “It is our hope that all residents use and enjoy this park,” said Mofokeng. “We have given residents of Soweto a safe and vibrant space that will serve many recreational purposes, including fostering a healthy lifestyle and stimulating job creation,” he concluded.

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