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Wednesday, 06 December 2017 12:34

Committee Sends Mr Anoj Singh Packing

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Committee Sends Mr Anoj Singh Packing

The Committee met on Tuesday to continue its inquiry into Eskom on the mismanagement of state funds at state-owned enterprises

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, December 6, 2017/ -- The Portfolio Committee of Public Enterprises has expressed its disappointment with suspended Eskom CFO, Mr Anoj Singh, for not submitting documents on time.

The Committee met on Tuesday to continue its inquiry into Eskom on the mismanagement of state funds at state-owned enterprises.

Mr Singh was dismissed by the Committee after he sent a 400-page document to the Committee late yesterday (December 4, 2017) evening, the day before he was expected to appear before the inquiry.

The Committee Chairperson for the inquiry, Ms Zukiswa Rantho said: “We received documents of 400 pages last night at 11 pm. We have not prepared anything because you have made us not to prepare. We will not do justice as a Committee, as the document came late. I want you to register our disappointment as a Committee, as we informed you in July. You have undermined the work of the Committee. We are serious in doing the work and we are doing it diligently.”

Mr Singh features prominently in the inquiry and such behaviour undermines the Committee’s work. The Committee condemns such behaviour, as it views it as an unacceptable delaying tactic that frustrates its work and disrespects parliamentary processes. The Committee regrets that members have been unable to continue with their work.

Nonetheless, the Committee resolved to continue with its work. The Committee told Mr Singh that it wants to engage him on the allegations levelled against him and will call him to appear before the inquiry in 2018.

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