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Ash2o Water Solutions announces a new business and website

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Shipping Container conversion for water containment

Moorreesburg, Western Cape, June 27, 2016 

Ash2o Water Solutions, a supplier of small to medium water containment solutions and now specifically the conversion, bracing and lining of 6m shipping containers for water containment, has launched a new website,, a site aimed at both businesses and individuals with a need for portable water containment.

Our website gives a comprehensive list of the services we render and an idea of who we are. Although there are many companies who supply, repair and line reservoirs Ash2o Water Solutions are able to offer a portable containment solution in the conversion of shipping containers which can be transported wherever there is a need. This concept is a fairly new one and one in which we take great pride. We are able to either convert them at our workshop in Moorreesburg in the Western Cape, or on site wherever the requirement. An important safety feature of our shipping container conversions is that all water inlets and outlets are secured behind the door of the container which makes tampering more difficult.    

As the unit is totally mobile it can be positioned next to existing buildings for the harvesting of rainwater. This is a critical issue in South Africa as drought is something we are all living with in the southern hemisphere. It must be noted however that not all water collected from roofing surfaces is safe for human consumption as both microbial and chemical contaminants can occur. Ash2o Water Solutions is able to advise on and install both filtration and filtering systems.

An average calculation for harvesting rainwater from a roofing structure is that for every square meter of roof 1 liter of water can be collected from 1mm of rain, with a 15% allowance for wastage. This makes for a substantial saving.  

Ash2o Water Solutions is passionate about conservation and our environment. With the conversion and lining of shipping containers we are able to make a contribution towards that.


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