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LightGrid: Your Lighting Expert!

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Wish to beatify your residence with the power of lights? Want to attract clients to your firm and make them stay? Wish to impress your boss and relatives? Want to operate your residential devices with maximum ease? All such dreams and desires can be fulfilled by LightGrid and its wonderful supply of light control systems. LightGrid is one of the leading manufacturers of artificial and natural lighting control. One of its main concerns is the criteria of creating systems with energy efficiency and energy saving capabilities. The light control systems are designed to specifically act according to the latest environmental design criteria, including the LEED Green Building Rating Systems. Energy management being one of its main concerns, the energy management systems become cost effective, environment friendly and attractive to customers.

LightGrid works with leading interior decorators, qualified architects and several consultants to give the customer the product s/he envisions. With the use of automated lighting systems, automated blinds ( like in Cape Town and Johannesburg) and energy management systems, LightGrid provides extremely well designed cyber homes and work spaces. The automation systems and the latest entertainment systems can all be installed, upgraded and controlled by LightGrid systems if the customer wishes so. LightGrid is known for quality service and for supporting the needs of their customers even after the sale and purchase method is over.

If you wish to beautify your surroundings and get smart homes and smart offices for your family and employees, you can contact LightGrid via call, post or email. You can also contact and follow them on Facebook and YouTube to stay updated regarding their designs, technology used, and approach towards design. You can also use the contact form available on their website ( to convey your queries and messages to LightGrid.

About LightGrid

LightGrid specialises in light control and automation systems. It is known for designing cost- effective and energy saving solutions for commercial and residential needs. It creates very effective solutions for business related problems and has skilled experts, who help in designing and building energy management systems. LightGrid has provided good quality services to countries across the globe over many years. It has distinguished itself as one of the leading creators of light controls in the commercial, residential and retail sectors.


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