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Monday, 04 February 2008 10:56

Argus preparation

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{pp}Southern Cycling Club (SCC) is located in the South of Johannesburg, South Africa. Falling under Central Gauteng Cycling (CGC).Southern Cycling is having a Training camp running on the weekend of 22-24 February 2008 in Sabie. With rides going on the road, and off.
Monday, 07 January 2008 11:17

Hope for abandoned Babies

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There is a disturbing increase in the number of abandoned and orphaned babies, not only here in South Africa, but right across the world. One news feed that we saw recently stated; In 2005, 1,000,000 children in South Africa had lost both of their parents or their sole known parent…
Wednesday, 24 October 2007 17:01

Progressive Pagans drop the "Witch" words

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{pp}The Progressive Pagan Alliance today announced that they willingly renounce the words "witch" and "witchcraft" in the interests of National Unity.  The Progressive Pagan Alliance (the PPA) represents a group of Eurocentric Pagan Organisations within South Africa who venerate their Ancestral rreligions.
{pp}The Christian Business Expo is an annual event that features business exhibitors, networking, conferences, worship, entertainment for the children and special events. The 2nd Annual Christian Business Expo takes place on the 19th and 20th October 2007 at the Mosaiek Conference Centre in Fairland, Johannesburg.
{pp}Coastline Creative Productions, an NPO awaiting registration, has the main goal to use theatre to uplift communities facing social issues in Cape Town.
{pp}Associations are, by their very nature, actively involved in bidding for and hosting local and international conferences, exhibitions and events on behalf of their members, based both locally and internationally.  Many developed countries have devised sophisticated models for the bidding, funding and hosting of Association meetings.
{pp}South Africa has experienced a transformation during the last 12-years to rebuild a nation and improve the ability to compete within business. A problem, which slows down the economic growth, is the lack of skills of employees. The government is committed to deal with this and gave development priority. The…
{pp}Life in the South Durban Basin is not easy. In this heavily industrialised area that has been gripped by recession for several years now, unemployment is high and daily life a struggle for most. But the communities of South Durban do not take this lying down.
{pp}Developing sustainable programs, aimed at providing shelter for abused, traumatized and homeless women and their children is the focus of Usindiso Ministries in downtown Johannesburg.National Women's Day in South Africa commemorates the national march of women in 1956 to petition against legislation that required African persons to carry the "pass",…
Friday, 05 January 2007 11:58

Jobs and Chat beat Sex on in 2006

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{pp}2006 was the year for job searching, home moving, furniture buying and internet chatting, according to’s top ten keyword search for last year.
[] The Bible Society of South Africa announced today that they appointed ChristianMobile™ as their preferred service provider for the development and distribution of the 1983 and 1953 Versions of the Afrikaans language Bible, the English King James Version of the Bible (KJV), the English Good News Version of the…
[] The Paws and Claws site is focused on people and their pets all over the world. The online community allows owners the opportunity to share opinions and devote pages to their pets. The result is the creation of a loving society of pet owners who can get together and…

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