15 December 2021

Why Custom Software Development is Good for Your Business

Submitted by Joshua Maraney
Why Custom Software Development is Good for Your Business

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) era, companies must have software that is specially designed and created for them. In custom software development, there will be a narrowly defined set of requirements to meet the company's generalised needs of office productivity. In the long run, companies that have software specially designed for them have a competitive advantage over their peers in the market. 

Because no two businesses are the same, your organisation should have its own software developed for it by software developers. This helps streamline business processes and provides them with an opportunity to grow. Further, custom-built software can complement already existing models better than off-the-shelf software given that it would be specifically created to support a certain business imperative and increase operational efficiencies. Discussed below are some of the biggest benefits of software custom-built for you. 

Helps Scale Your Operations

Often, off-the-shelf software is not designed or equipped to handle your business' growth. This could result in loss of productivity or functionality. In contrast, if you have software custom-built for you, it will be tailored to your needs as your company grows; thereby allowing you to be better able to scale your business operations. 

Custom Software Can Be Integrated with Other Programs

The good thing about custom software is that it can be integrated with already existing programmes seamlessly. It enables companies to update obsolete business systems and move to mobile and the cloud where many businesses are moving to in the 4IR era. 

High Return-on-Investment

While the initial costs for custom software might be high, companies that invest in their own ‘personalised’ software are likely to receive high return-on-investment in due course. With custom software, there will be no need to purchase additional hardware and licences. 

Custom Software Improves Productivity and Employee Drive

Off-the-shelf software can result in downtime and disruption for businesses that rely solely on it. Custom software, however, can be personalised to meet a company's unique needs. This allows it to operate optimally and efficiently and enables employees to execute their duties with increased confidence. Employees could become more driven and productive if they have tailor-made software designed to support their job needs. Driven employees are productive employees who tend to get more work done in a shorter time. 

Custom Software is More Secure 

Custom software is more secure than off-the-shelf products. Because it is unique, there are fewer chances of a security breach which is often the case with off-the-shelf software - an easy target for hackers and other malicious entities. 

Custom Software Development Offers Reliability

Since custom software has been designed specifically for your organisation, it is better able to serve all your business needs. It would be rigorously tested to ensure that it meets the needs of your particular business model. Custom software is a reliable tool that can help grow your business. 

You should work with a reputable software development company as your company transitions from off-the-shelf software to custom software. SovTech creates, builds, deploys, and maintains cutting-edge custom software that enables their clients to launch, run, and grow world-class businesses. SovTech also does App Development, Web Development and Software Maintenance.

Contact www.SovTech.co.za to start developing the appropriate software for you. 

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