23 May 2022

The Importance of Quality When Buying a New Forklift

Submitted by Josh Maraney
The Importance of Quality When Buying a New Forklift

Regardless of how you plan to use your forklift, whether it’s in warehouse operations or construction work, it can quickly become an essential part of your everyday life. To make sure that your forklift works properly and safely, it’s important to buy one that has quality parts and components. These are the main reasons why quality matters when buying a new forklift in South Africa.

Reliability and Durability 

A forklift’s life depends on its maintenance and use, but all things deteriorate with time. Because forklifts are used for business purposes, it’s important to look for one that offers dependability even under heavy load and constant use. A machine should be built with longevity in mind, meaning that low-quality materials won’t compromise performance or reduce productivity over time. On top of durability, it’s worth noting that a good quality forklift is likely to last longer than an inferior model—meaning you can work more efficiently without constantly worrying about breakdowns or costly repairs.


A forklift’s capacity is measured in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs.). This measurement refers to how much weight it can carry. For example, a 5-ton forklift can safely lift 5 tons from ground level to waist height. For most small businesses, 2-4 ton forklifts will work best. They are great for small manufacturing environments and similar applications where smaller loads are common and plenty of space is available. 


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How many kilograms can it lift? How far will it go on a single charge? What is its payload capacity? Answers to these questions help determine how well your forklift performs and sets its limitations. If you’re not careful, you could buy more truck than you need, which can be costly in more ways than one. For example, if your new forklift has 10% more capacity than what you need, then it’ll spend 10% of its time sitting idle, which means less productivity for your business. And because forklifts have notoriously short lifespans, idling for extended periods can translate into prematurely having to replace expensive parts and equipment—which isn’t only costly but also time-consuming.

The Cost of Getting a Quality Forklift

If you’re buying your first forklift, you’ll need to take into account that forklifts can be very expensive. The cost of purchasing and installing a brand new one depends on what features you want on it. Thus, you should also consider labour costs because forklifts are heavy vehicles that require skilled technicians to operate them. 

Suitability for the Role 

The first and most obvious thing to look for is whether or not a forklift is suitable for your needs. It sounds simple, but many companies choose their forklifts on price alone, which can lead to massive headaches down the line. The best way to avoid having any issues with quality when buying a new forklift is by going through an online vendor that allows you to filter by anything from top speed and lifting capacity down to tyre width, brand and even cost per hour of operation. Finding exactly what you need as quickly as possible will save valuable time in searching for information and help reduce costs.


A higher GVW rating means you can drive around with more stuff on your forklift. The key is to make sure that you can safely move all of it, however. A bigger, heavier truck will be less agile than one that’s just a bit smaller. But if you need to transport more weight, then more weight might be worth accepting reduced agility as a trade-off. So think about what you plan to carry in your forklift and check how much it weighs before selecting a truck size that’s too big for your business.

Up-to-Date Safety Features 

It is extremely important to invest in forklifts that are up to date with safety features. The last thing you want is for an accident to occur on your site because you were negligent and didn’t purchase forklifts that had features such as anti-slip breaks or stability management. While those features may come at an additional cost, it will be far more than if you had made an investment in new forklifts in the first place! If you have employees working for you then it is even more important to make sure that they are kept safe while working with machinery.

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