15 May 2022

Stewarts & Lloyds Projects - Supplying Steyn City Development

Submitted by Josh Maraney
Stewarts & Lloyds Projects - Supplying Steyn City Development

Stewarts & Lloyds Projects (SLP), a level 2 BBEEE, a partnership between PeoSeed Solutions and Stewarts & Lloyds Holdings, proudly supplied all the piping and fittings for the fire protection system, hanging material, as well as the fire water system for the Steyn City Development, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Having the opportunity to supply such large-scale development project, valued at R5.5 billion overall is a great privilege. Stewarts & Lloyds Projects supplied roughly R5 million worth of piping for this project through the contractors working onsite Fidelity Fire Solutions, who have been awarded the contract to supply and install the fire suppression sprinkler system for the Phase 3 construction of City Centre One at Steyn City.

There is about 1.1km worth of piping for the fire protection system, from one side of the building to the other. Phase 3 of the Steyn City Development began in May 2019, and this portion of the building has more sprinkler heads than the highest building in South Africa.

We are proud to be able to supply and deliver material for projects such as Steyn City, lending a hand in the growth and development of South Africa.


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