13 September 2021

Reimagine your business operations through digital transformation

Submitted by Gerda Heyman
Reimagine your business operations through digital transformation

Optimise your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

In the near future, every business will be a digital business. C-Suite business leaders must now make explicit choices about their strategy to win in a digital economy

Organisations need to reassess business operations, aiming to adopt an agile and innovative digital transformation approach to achieve business resilience in a time of disruptive change. 

Leading through digital change requires leaders to have a vision of how to activate the whole organisation in the move from defence to offence to gain and maintain competitive advantage in a digital-first world, addressing the urgent opportunities now. 

Transforming your business to succeed in a digital world requires connected operating models from Finance, HR and IT to marketing, sales, and manufacturing. It means bringing together every function, reimagining your business operations by digitally transforming how you empower employees, engage customers, optimise operations, and data analytics, as well as automation. 

Business digital transformation

 Digital transformation does not happen overnight, even in the fast-moving environments in which we operate our businesses today. Any transformation process goes hand in hand with a potentially sizeable financial investment, as well as a considered and appropriate change management intervention to ensure overall success. 

This transformation will impact all industries and all areas of business going forward. Those businesses that fail to deploy and implement a successful digitalisation strategy will soon be faced with challenges they may find exceedingly more difficult to overcome. Each business should consider their own challenges and conduct thorough research on the changes expected to occur in their industries. 

Organisations and leaders will need to reorganise processes and strategies to obtain the benefits of implementing connected business applications across business operations. An effective enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy will drive business growth and operational efficiency as underlying business models evolve. 

Preparing your organisation for the future of work can no longer wait – the time for leaders to shift their thinking and implement strategies and connected digitalised business to operate like a digital company is now! It’s not about procuring a single solution and deploying only that solution.

The answer lies in a flexible suite of technologies and software solutions to reinvent your business in a digital world. Organisations need to identify scalable solutions that support the digital transformation of the business.  

The benefits of a reinvented digital business

  • Business and revenue growth through improved profit margins, increased productivity and improved processes.
  • Reduced operational costs and optimised operations.
  • Unlock talent and potential of people.
  • Allows for collaboration the flow of work with anyone, anywhere.
  • Enable organisations to operate as one business, everywhere.
  • Data-driven decisions and streamlined operational efficiency.
  • Elevate customer experiences – seamless and frictionless.
  • Drive connected commerce, providing increased cross-channel visibility. Improve customer retention.
  • Enhance financial decision-making.
  • Collect and analyse data for real-time insights.
  • Gain insight to offer customers and employees personalised experiences.

Technology is both a disruptor and catalyst for growth. The goal is not to simply add capability but to change the business model. In this fast-moving digital era, it is important to pick your technology partners carefully, making sure they not only have the capabilities you need, but that their approach empowers your agility, efficiencies, and differentiation.         

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Business Applications   

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers any organisation powerful flexibility and limitless possibilities with its options to tailor and-build on your existing solution using the Microsoft Cloud -Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft 365 - or hundreds of other familiar business tools. You can also add mixed reality, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) for innovative new experiences .

“In today’s fast-paced business environment, productivity is critical to success. Microsoft set out on a mission to increase business agility by creating a digital transformation journey roadmap. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 application stack is designed to enable that digital transformation journey across multiple industries. Parity, a Gold Microsoft Partner is geared to help businesses through the everchanging and improving world of digital transformation”, said Warren Williams, Parity Chief Executive Officer.   

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can tap into a connected commerce ecosystem of solutions which makes it easier to integrate and access information for smarter business decisions, greater customer satisfaction, reinventing your digital business. 

To book a demo or workshop session with one of Parity’s experts to take you on a journey to reimagine your business with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 offerings, that will digitally transform your business today. Visit www.paritydigitaltransformation.co.za..  

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