29 April 2022

Private Practice Toolkit

Submitted by Oliver Nagaya
Private Practice Toolkit

Most of the practice owners that I know and work with did not go to business school. They don't have MBA's or formal business training. But they do have clients that fill up their practices. I see so many practice owners get really excited when they get their first few clients and then feel extremely discouraged when they reach a dead end in the business. 

It's not their fault, they had no formal business training and although they are fantastic therapists they don't always have the business skills to run a successful practice. It is difficult to switch from their therapist hat into their business owner hat and this is why many private practices struggle. That is not to say that you need to have an MBA to run a successful practice, but rather to say that with a little bit of an understanding of business practice you can take your practice from a small practice to a large successful business. 

We’ve taken all our experience of building a practice management software for healthcare practitioners, and then working with many practitioners on their private practice in all aspects of their private practices (using the IsoForge product), and put that experience and education into a 10 module online course that is guaranteed to give you better insight in terms of starting, managing and growing a private practice.

As opposed to most business training that is available, the Moulding Private Practice course will not only give you the theory of WHAT needs to be done for each business function in your private practice, but also the HOW and WHY these functions need to be complete.

By going through the Moulding Private Practice course, and using the Practice Management Tools that we recommend, you don’t need to rely on a team like the KITRIN IsoEvolve one in order to manage your private practice.

The point I am trying to make here is that it’s really time to stop DIYing your business training and get the support you need from someone who can give you the guidance you need!

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