15 March 2017

Outdoor alarm systems

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Outdoor alarm systems

Outdoor alarm systems are able to detect a breach of boundaries to your home and that means quicker armed response time. Having perimeter security can give you this peace of mind. Thus securing your home form the inside out. Perimeter Security is the protection of the boarders of the property such as walls, gates, fences, alarm beams and surveillance cameras. These devices are used to protect you and your property. Having these perimeter security systems can mean having a safer home and property. At CitiProtection we provide a wide range of perimeter security devices to help protect your home. Strip Beams is a hi-tech solution providing maximum security while reducing fasle alarms. The ideal perimeter protection for businesses and home, providing peace of mind & early warning.Infrared Strip Beams can be used indoors and outdoors and are available in various beam configurations, in height, number of beams as well as range.

The principle of Infar-red barrier beam is that interrupting any 2 adjacent beams simultaneously for a period of 40 milliseconds will result in an alarm condition when the alarm system is armed. FeaturesRequires 2 adjacent beams to be triggered simultaneouslyPhotoelectric infra-red beams, invisible to the intrudersDifficult to crawl under or jump over. Can adjust 180 degreesExcellent false alarm immunity to rain, fog, white light & RF  with Slim line aluminum design, aesthetically pleasing.

TX SeriesBX-80N/80NRBX-80N/80NR is an advanced PIR detector which is designed to protect the immediate perimeter of the building. It is developed for the purpose of early warning i.e. before an intruder breaks into the premises.BX-80N/80NR enhances protection capabilities. When a general-purpose mechanical security system is installed, detectors are usually located inside the building. In order to increase the effectiveness of such a security system, Optex recommends not only securing the inside of the building but also adding protection to the outside areas.By adding BX-80N/80NR, it detects intruders before entry. This invisible barrier offers the first line of defense to a property's boundary.Unique detection range for immediate perimeter of the building. Optex's advanced PIR technology creates a narrow, 24m long detection area that protects wide horizontal areas, such as a building's perimeter.Reduced False alarms caused by unwanted light and RFI sourcesPatented Double Conductive Shielding Technology helps to reduce false alarms caused by car headlights and reflected sunlight in particular.Limited detection range functionThe detection range of the BX-80N/80NR can be adjusted to avoid detecting unwanted objects.Size judging factorThe BX-80N/80NR only triggers alarm when both upper and lower detection layers detect movement.Advanced temperature compensation. Easily adds on to the existing wireless security system.

The BX-80NR with flexible features can be added on to any wireless system which has already been installed. In addition, this unit is effective with transmitters and receivers from all manufactures.Multi Stabilizer Outdoor DetectorVX-402REC/402(Voice recording & warning model) (Standard model)Reliable short-range detection for external areasIdeal for Event Driven CCTV applicationTwo detection zones for superior stabilityAny message recordable for each application in any language (VX-402REC only)VX-402 Offers New Solutions for Outdoor ProtectionVoice Recording/ Warning Function (VX-402REC only)The VX-402REC provides added flexibility to virtually any outdoor application. The advanced voice warning/playback function can be recorded in any language or setting, allowing for suitable message specific to any installation site.Easy Voice Recording (REC)The VX-402REC can record two kinds of voice messages of up to 8 seconds each by using either the built-in micro-phone or external recording equipment such as a PC.

Voice Warning Function. When someone enters the protected area with the system armed, the voice warning function delivers one of two types of message or delivers unique recorded message through one of its four Playback settings. The voice warning function can serve as an effective deterrent for potential intruder, a friendly greeting for customers and a professional announcement for a place of business, and a variety of additional applications.

Sequential Message: When the VX-402REC first detects someone in the area, it delivers a caution message. If someone is detected in the same area a second time within 30 seconds of the first message being given, it is repeated. On the third detection within 30 seconds, the caution message automatically changes into a warning message.Directional Detection: When the VX-402REC is used with another detection device such as an outdoor PIR, active IR beam or a magnetic conduct, different messages can be set to better ensure intruder detection. The caution message can be emitted from the first detector with the warning message emitting form the VX-402REC, or vise versa.Day/Night Message: The Vx-402REC changes its voice message automatically from daytime to nighttime mode allowing for welcome messages during the day and a warning notification at night.Arm/Disarm: For added convenience and more effective use, the detector provides a caution alert when the "Arm Mode" is set and gives a different message when disarmed.

External Speaker TerminalThe VX-402Rec also features a voice output terminal enabling it to be connected to an external speaker when an application requires amplified sound or remote location of the speaker.A Variety of ApplicationIntruder Prevention: An alarm is activated when an intruder enters the property or prohibited area.Warning Alert: a safety warning is activated, for example, when children go near dangerous areas such as a swimming pool.

Customer Greeting: Professional greetings are given when a customer enters or exits your business.Improved False Alarm for Stable ReliabilityWith the use of Multiple Detection Patterns Technology, the VX-402 series utilized a horizontally double-layered detection pattern, generating messages only when both the upper and lower detection patterns are activated at the same time. This patented technology guarantees reliable performance against false alarms often caused by temperature changes and light reflection in outdoor settings.Flexible Detection Range FunctionThe detection range of the VX-402REC is adjustable, providing additional false alarm protection against any movement, from cars, people or animals outside of the intended protection area.

Size Judging FunctionThe size judgment function virtually eliminates false alarms due to small animals. When only the lower zone detects a moving object, the unit is not activated. When only the upper zone detects a moving object the unit is not activated. When both the lower and upper zones detect a moving object, the unit is activated.

Advanced Temperature CompensationAt higher ambient temperatures, sensitivity increases excessively at 95-98.6 F or over and human body detection becomes problematic. Compensation allows sensitivity to automatically drop when 95-98.6 F to perform more reliably within wider temperature ranges. The VX-402 series uses this Temperature Compensation Circuit for both the upper and lower detection functions.Double Conductive ShieldingThe VX series' patented Double Conductive Shielding Technology uses a special conductive filler to cover the element window. This allows infrared energy to pass through, while blocking and grounding out light and RFI sources.

Extensive Detection for Multi-Purpose ApplicationsConnect with any additional PIR detector, such as an Active IR beam or Magnetic Contact, for advanced self-contained functions and higher reliability without the use of any special control panel.

Detection Area Extension FunctionWiring two VX-402 series sensors together and selecting the "OR" Mode will allow the detection pattern to be doubled.Directional Detection FunctionThe VX-402 series can also be used in conjunction with another sensor for greater stability. By selecting the "And" Mode and programming which sensor should activated first (DIP Switch Programming), the VX-402 series can sense direction and will be activated only if motion is detected from a specified direction.

Easy InstallationThe VX-402 series is designed for easy installation. With built-in entry and simple-to-follow wiring connections, installation is quick and hassle-free.The detection area can be customized for every application, using an area masking plate and area angle adjustment control, allowing for precise detection in any application.

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