09 December 2021

Most profitable franchises in South Africa

Submitted by Chemarin Rabe
Most profitable franchises in South Africa

Franchising with an established brand offers entrepreneurs access to guidance, systems, and assistance based on proven and successful business strategies. As a viable alternative to establishing your own business from scratch, franchising offers you the same independence as a small business owner with the added advantage of being supported by an extensive network.

Those unfamiliar with the industry should not fret, as leading franchisers equip you with the needed knowledge to prepare you for your venture with their brand. Are you interested in finding success in one of the most profitable franchises in South Africa? Signarama is your solution.  

What can you expect with Signarama?

A tried and tested business model

The success of our business model is as clear as day. With over 900 branches located across the world and close to 40 locations in South Africa, it is clear that the Signarama system works. Converting your existing sign business into a Signarama franchise allows you to benefit from these practices whilst tapping into over 30 years of industry experience.

Access to a large audience

Any business owner will understand the importance of having an established brand, as potential clients are far more likely to find trust in a recognisable brand. When becoming a Signarama franchisee, you gain a share of the considerable exposure and brand recognition our name offers. By adding this brand identity to your existing exposure, you’ll have the recipe for achieving greater success.

Confer with industry leaders

Have you ever wanted to know how your company compares to its competitors? If you answered yes or have ever wondered whether you are yielding the full benefits of your signage business, then our peer-to-peer network will come in handy. As a Signarama franchisee holder, you will have access to a network of peers who are as passionate about the signage business as you! This network facilitates a space to share information and help you grow your franchise.

A flawless exit strategy

You will likely wish to sell your business one day, and we do not doubt that you will strive for the best possible price to compensate for your hard work. Being part of a franchise brand, such as Signarama, can help you do just that through creating elevated brand awareness, cooperative marketing tactics, preferred price and leading management procedures.

The Signarama difference

Signarama understands how important it is to remain ahead of the competition. As a result, we are dedicated to keeping our franchisee holders informed on the latest industry innovations to assist them in maintaining their success.

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