04 August 2022

Leading make up brand stakeholder shares her thoughts this Women's Day

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Leading make up brand stakeholder shares her thoughts this Women's Day


Johannesburg, August 2022 – As we head into Women’s Month, the gender gap between men and women in leadership positions remains notably large. But according to the 2021 Forbes Woman Africa Leading Women Summit presented by Mastercard, South Africa is making progress in closing the gap, with a 7.1 percent increase on the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs since 2019. Heather Wilkinson, Shareholder and Manager at global make-up brand, Kryolan SA, shares insight into her experience as a female business leader in a fiercely competitive world.

Heather Wilkinson – Shareholder and Management 

“When I studied make-up artistry many years ago, I would never have imagined that it would have evolved into such a broad, incredible career. But when I discovered the Kryolan brand, I fell in love with it. It has been a beautiful, symbiotic relationship ever since. Working for a company that is more like a family ensures that you can tackle the tough times and celebrate the good times together.

“Together with my strong faith, Kryolan has given me the perfect platform to embrace who I am, to have the space to make mistakes and learn from them and to reach back and guide and mentor others, so that they can thrive. I have been blessed with incredible opportunities in my life and I want to pay it forward.

“I have seen Kryolan grow and establish itself as a top global brand. This has given me the opportunity to seek out talented individuals and offer them a place to grow. We continue to recruit and train new staff, which I love seeing come full circle. Offering relief for those affected by unemployment and giving them opportunities sees the brand continue to grow. In return, more staff are needed to meet our growing needs.

“Job creation is one thing, but the goal is also to carve out a place where people can thrive takes precedence. At the moment, our focus is very much on building relationships with our staff, improving communication and creating an environment where people feel seen. My personal mantra is that I always strive for peace. If I can help our staff find their common ground and work together for the good of the company, our customers as well as themselves, then that is exactly what will be achieved.

“When I look ahead and see myself nearing retirement, I know that Kryolan is not something I could ever walk away from. While I will relish in more family time and keeping healthy and active, I will always keep my finger on the company’s pulse and continue to be involved. You don’t retire from family, and that is something Kryolan is to me. I hope that my journey inspires other women to find their family ‘safe space’ in business, and learn that they can thrive, even in a male-dominated world. 

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Kryolan is a professional make-up brand that was founded in post-war Berlin in 1945 by Arnold Langer, who had a passion for theatre and science. Since then, Kryolan's collection has grown to include over 16000 products, catering to a wide range of faculties within the make-up industry. Kryolan's six fields of competence are TV & film, fashion, body art, theatre, SFX and consumer.

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