28 August 2017

Join the First Car Rental #First4Rhino Mission

Submitted by Viv Quann
Join the First Car Rental #First4Rhino Mission

It’s Now or Never for South Africa’s Rhino                               

For the past number of years, First Car Rental has invested in Rhino initiatives around the country, fighting the probability that future generations may never enjoy Rhino in their natural habitat unless we act now. Rhino have been around for 50 million years. Two species survived the most recent period of glaciation and inhabited Europe as recently as 10,000 years ago – these are the woolly rhinoceros and Elasmotherium. The woolly rhinoceros appeared in China around 1 million years ago and first arrived in Europe around 600,000 years ago.  

The zoo population is also declining, as Northern White Rhino have rarely reproduced in captivity. There are now only three Northern White Rhino left. They all belong to the Dvůr Králové Zoo in the Czech Republic, but were transported to Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, Africa. In the conservancy, there are 112 black Rhino and the last three Northern White Rhino, of which one is ‘Sudan’, a 100-year-old male Northern White Rhino – the last of his species. The Black Rhino has not fared so well either. As recently as 1970, an estimated 65,000 Black Rhino could be found throughout sub-Saharan Africa, but in eastern Africa over 90% were killed in the 70s. Now there are fewer than 2,500 left in small pockets in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania.  IT'S NOW OR NEVER, AND YOU ARE THE SOLUTION. 

First Car Rental launched its 2017 Rhino Campaign called First4Rhino – It’s Now or Never, in support of the Now or Never African Wildlife Trust (NNAWT), an organisation entrusted with helping to save all Rhino. The NNAWT has one mission – Save them all. They endeavour to save all the elephants, rhino and their calves who survive a poaching attack. They will find them with helicopters, care for them in orphanages and release them back into the wild.  Among the founding members of NNAWT are the following organisations and experts: The Rhino Orphanage – the world’s first specialist centre for the care and rehabilitation of orphaned rhino Care for Wild Africa – South Africa’s biggest rhino orphanage and rehabilitation centre Saving the Survivors – World leaders in veterinarian care for wild animals Youth 4 African Wildlife – The future of the struggle, the next generation A digital expert from Google – A company with a global vision for problem solving The founders have identified other organisations to deliver the required services including those who: Rescue Operations: Work in animal rescue with helicopters High-end Security: Train and deploy wildlife security consultants and operatives – the protectors Safe Release Areas: Have the capacity to become a suitable haven The founders of The Now or Never African Wildlife Trust believe it is possible to save every single one of these animals with a plan, an iron will, expertise, and, crucially, with the funds required. First Car Rental, in association with Nissan SA, FlySafair and Anytime Holidays, need your help to raise awareness and funds to help save the near-extinct Black and White Rhino.  Nissan South Africa has been instrumental in the First Car Rental Rhino Campaigns over the past 4 years, supporting these initiatives by sponsoring three Nissan Jukes. These Nissan Jukes are utilised like moving billboards, travelling around the country, all wrapped with instructions for members of the public to get involved.

 First Car Rental #First4Rhino Campaign Overview 2017 Your Mission, should you choose to accept it:Find our wrapped Nissan Juke car and 'Facebook Live' in 30 seconds or less why this mission to fight for our Rhino is important.  Tag @firstcarrental and hashtag #First4Rhino For every video posted, First Car Rental will donate R20 to the NNAWT, and post these videos and messages on their social media channels.  Plus – the best video and a lucky draw video will each win a R30 000 inclusive holiday, courtesy of FlySafair, First Car Rental and Anytime Holidays (Ts&Cs apply). 

RAISE YOUR VOICE AND AWARENESS of the plight of the near-extinct Black and White Rhino.