30 June 2022

It is a Going Concern - Selling your Business

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By Cheralco Worship


Whether you are in the process of or simply just contemplating selling your business, it is imperative that you consider all the factors that go with it. It is crucial to determine what it is you are selling and how you want to sell it. The same goes for the purchaser in terms of what they are buying. In many instances, when a business is being sold it is not just the enterprise that is being sold but everything that comes with it like the immovable property, employees and the product of the business. Many businesses often get sold as a going concern.

What is a Going Concern?

After a business has been sold and it is the same after the sale as it was before the sale the business is said to have been sold as a going concern. This does not necessarily mean that the entire business is required to be sold, a specific division or function of the business can also be sold. Applying the concept of a going concern in this manner is to cater for businesses that outsource certain functions.

The benefits and implications of selling or buying as a going concern

When selling or purchasing any business as a going concern, the process usually involves the transfer of all employment contracts and contracts dealing with the outsourcing of certain divisions or functions of the specific business. After the transfer, the same condition would exist from the previous owner and move over to the new owner. The impact that this transfer has on the employees is provided for in section 197 of the Labour Relations Act, which requires the new owner or employer to take over all the obligations towards the employees from the previous owner.

Additionally, when you sell your business as a going concern there are particular tax benefits. If both the purchaser and the seller are registered VAT vendors the transaction will be considered “zero-rated”. However, for this to occur, the parties have to agree that the business will be sold as a going concern and must be VAT vendors.


In conclusion, knowing how legislation should guide your decision-making and how to avoid decisions that could result in financial loss or legal issues is crucial. Therefore, please consult with a legal professional before entering into any agreements relating to the purchase and sale of a business as a going concern.

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