15 December 2021

International make-up brand takes on the East Coast

Submitted by Bronwyn
International make-up brand takes on the East Coast

Johannesburg, December 2021: International make-up brand Kryolan SA is empowering local retail distributors in KZN, by taking over four selected stores in the province as of 1 December 2021. These dedicated Kryolan stores have opened up in the La Lucia Mall in Umhlanga, Gateway Mall in Umhlanga, the Pavilion Shopping Centre in Durban and Windermere Shopping Centre in Durban.

The COVID-19 pandemic and various lockdown measures – particularly at lockdown Level 5 – left many retailers deemed “non-essential” in tough financial positions. But as the economy reopens incrementally, Kryolan has stepped in, rebranding and revitalising four KZN stores, bringing its big brand power and influence to KZN consumers.

Neil Wilkinson, Managing Director of Kryolan SA, says, “Our vision with this KZN takeover is to leverage our 78 years of success in the make-up industry to give these stores and their people an opportunity to offer the public a wider range of products for all skin types and tones.

“We have roughly 6,000 products in South Africa on-hand and this huge range gives these stores a major advantage in terms of the freedom of choice they can offer their customers. The choice is also very wide in terms of price. The stores will be provided with a comprehensive range that suits all levels of the market, from the most affordable products to premium ranges.

“We also have the backing of ongoing research and development, which consistently introduces new products that are specifically designed to service the ever-changing market. KZN is one of the fastest-growing markets for Kryolan and there is great potential for these stores to grow their market share and income potential”.

Neil continues, “The customer experience has been reinvented out of necessity because of COVID. We will be providing the consultants in our KZN stores with education on how to deliver the best possible customer experience in a safe environment. We’re excited to see the new customer experience come to life in these stores, all of which have been refurbished and equipped with the customer in mind”.

Neil concludes, “Kryolan exclusively produces its own make-up in Germany and has been doing so since its inception in 1945. This long history of serving the professional, commercial, theatre and consumer make-up market has created a future-focused ethos that consistently brings innovative new products to consumers, based on extensive research and development.

“We hope to see this future focused approach providing these flagship stores in KZN with the scope to grow, create employment opportunities and bring customers a completely new and unique experience when they shop for their beauty products”.