04 August 2017

Cutting Edge Technology Reduces Response Times

Submitted by Wayne
Cutting Edge Technology Reduces Response Times


The executive has in its continuos efforts to render best service in all spheres of its operations decided to tap into apps which has become part of our daily lives.

The executive has realized that response times are adversely affected due to the fact that the client must first be called and then a armed response vehicle is dispatched if client is not available or client has an emergency.

This office has an yap-yap app that allows the client to:

  • Immediatly see alarm activations on his smart phone
  • Immediatley see which user is opening or closing the premises.
  • Immediatley cancell the activation from his smartphone
  • Book service calls with the service provider and receive a refferance number
  • Liase with any department with any service suggestions. 

This office has also installed TOM-TOM navigation units that are linked to our software and priority alarms are now immediatley and automatically disptached to the closest vehcle to the emergency. Human intervenetion now occurs after the dispatch and valuable minutes are saved as a result hereof.

The exceutive aims to use cutting edge technology to continue being at the forefront of best service to which its customers have become accustomed to.

We also have CCTV monitoring, CCTV Installations for street cameras available in the areas we serve click here to see our service areas: .