22 April 2020

Advisory firm launches e-tender service.

Submitted by Gerrit Davids

TaranisCo Advisory, one of South Africa’s leading tendering and strategic management process consultancies has launched an “e-Tender” service for companies who are currently compiling tenders for government contracts, especially those tenders that are issued under the emergency procurement regulations. 

According to Gerrit Davids, lead advisor at the firm, companies needing assistance with compiling bids, could send the tender documents electronically to be viewed and assessed of which a quotation will be generated for consideration by the bidder. 

Davids says, “Once there is an agreement in place, the firm will assist the bidder with specific components of the bid document inclusive of guidance on how to comply with the specific instructions and demands of the tender as well as completing the ‘tender forms’ inclusive of the Price Schedules and lastly to conduct a review of the bid before submitting it” 

“We also assist those bidders who must comply with the requirements of Local Production and Content under the existing regulations and it includes guiding the bidder on how to complete Annexures A, B, C, D and E, respectively”, says Davids. 

Companies requiring assistance with B-BBEE Certificates for Joint Venture tenders will also be guided, as a complimentary option, when making use of the firm’s e-tender service, but it will exclude the actual cost of the verification process. 

In addition, companies looking to continue their enterprise and supplier development programmes under the lockdown could consider sending their beneficiaries to attend the firm’s e-Tendering Workshops, which happens online, on a weekly basis.  

Companies will still receive recognition for their B-BBEE contribution, as they would normally do, when these beneficiaries physically attend workshops and seminars, respectively. 

Further details on the e-tendering service are available from: Gerrit on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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