14 June 2022

A Woman in a leading global business speaks about the power of female leadership in the workplace

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A Woman in a leading global business speaks about the power of female leadership in the workplace


Johannesburg, June 2022 – The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Gender Gap Report 2021 highlighted the global gap between men and women in leadership positions. The Report showed that women only represent 27% of all managerial positions globally. But research also shows that women are better leaders. Nadia Lamarina, General Manager at global make-up brand, Kryolan SA, reflects on the power of female leadership in the workplace.

“Being in a top management position comes with great responsibility. You have a certain level of power that can go either way, and how you use it reflects your ethics and values. Not only do I strive to use my position to nurture and grow others; I know that the reason I am committed to this has a lot to do with Kryolan’s overarching approach to supporting and growing the individual, regardless of their gender. I benefitted from this as I grew within the company, and I love that I can now do the same for others.

“The last couple of years have been tough to navigate, for all businesses and individuals. I have always made ensuring a well-balanced and positive work environment my top priority as a manager.  I am exceptionally proud of the fact that, despite all the uncertainty we faced during the pandemic, Kryolan SA not only ensured that their employees were secure, we created new opportunities for growth not just for the company, but for our staff as well.

“Taking the brand into the retail space has been an incredible learning curve and it has been extremely fulfilling seeing how connecting with retail customers has developed a new love and appreciation for the brand. It has also allowed us to build relationships with those who feel as strongly about products as we do.

“It is wonderful to encourage ethical consumerism and provide empowerment opportunities through programmes such as workshops and our brand ambassador campaign. This has opened doors for those who love make-up, are extremely creatively gifted and never even realised that there was a career hidden inside their passion.

“Hard work, honesty, loyalty, and ethics are the cornerstones of my value system, and I am proud to be a part of a company that holds these qualities in such high regard. I am extremely family-centric, which is something that can be difficult to manage when you have a flourishing career.

“I was born to work for Kryolan, which holds such high regard for family values – it spills over into the company culture, and I feel like my work is an extension of my family. I hope that I can, in some small measure, inspire other women to pursue careers that they love. Together, we can all lead by example and make great strides for equality.”

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