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Wednesday, 30 September 2015 12:08

RiovicPay Protects You Online

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You've probably faced challenges while ordering a service or shopping online. Millions of people are scammed daily whether through classified ads, online stores or messages promising fortunes and you may have experienced this in a way.

If you haven't let us take through this story. The latest Apple or Samsung phone has just been released but is very expensive in all stores in Sipho's country and he just can't afford it. There's a new online shop for phones, "" that sells the phone at about 60% lesser than it costs at the stores. Sipho purchases it, pays and waits for two weeks for it to be delivered and when it arrives he discovers it's a counterfeit (fake). Sipho tries to return it and get a refund but all his efforts are just unfruitful and he realizes he's been scammed.

A lot of people go through similar situations daily. Some people pay for services that they never receive, deposit flats they never get to occupy and get into deals that never materialize. This then poses a serious need for a solution to protect consumers, especially in non-contact transactions.

The cash-on-delivery method is being adopted by merchants in the online industry but doesn't work all the time because it requires the consumer to carry large amounts of cash at hand and also exposes the merchant to theft.

This is where we step in. RiovicPay offers a simple person-to-person escrow payment method that allows a consumer to pay the seller or service provider online but restrict access to the money until their goods or services are delivered with satisfaction.

We protect the consumer and at the same time allow the seller to have the assurance that they will get their money after delivering an excellent good or service. With a service like this more consumers will be safe, trust will grow and the eCommerce industry, especially in South Africa and the rest of Africa will improve.

We therefore invite you to signup and start against scammers. You will receive R100 when your account is activated.

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