Monday, 01 June 2015

Picup courier service launching in Cape Town

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Picup, a new courier service that will be available through the instant messaging platform WeChat, will being officially launched in South Africa tomorrow (28 May).

The new service will go live in Cape Town first, and then roll out to other locations in South Africa.

User will be able to request collection and delivery by either bicycle, car or scooter – depending on the size and weight of their package.

In order to use the service, users download WeChat, search and follow “picup” under “Official Accounts” in the “contacts” section and complete the registration process.

Picup uses the geotagging feature on WeChat to map users’ locations. The users will also be to use the map to specify the location where they want their package dropped off.

Picup bicycles can collect and deliver packages up five kilograms for a maximum distance of five kilometres, scooters up to 10kg for 30km and cars up to 30kg for 60km.

A minimum base rate along with a ‘per kilometre’ rate will be charged for every collection and delivery. The cost will also depend on the size of the package.

Picup plans to run a 24/7 service, but there may be an additional charge for deliveries requested during the peak hours (7am to 9am, and again at 4pm to 7pm).

Payments will be made via credit card or Picup WeChat “e-wallet”. No cash will be accepted.

All Picup delivery drivers and cyclists will be verified and users will be able to see their profiles and rate their service according to their experience – much like the Uber service. Drivers and cyclists can either work full time for Picup using the company’s fleet, or work part time using their own transport.

Click here to view the Picup website.