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Tuesday, 08 October 2013 12:38

Bedouin Tent Market Sees International Growth

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The Tentickle Bedouin Tent Company in Cape Town has improved on its month on month international tent retail sales figures for the last financial quarter.

Cape Town, October 2013: Tentickle Bedouin Tents International (, which is based in Cape Town in South Africa, has seen a month on month improvement in global tent retail figures over the last financial quarter consisting of July, August and part of September 2013. 

In fact, according to Tentickle Managing Director Mr. Marco Slunder, the company has already doubled it’s retail sales figures over this time last year in the first two weeks of September alone. He went on to add that:

“The phenomenal growth in our companies retail sales figures has had a positive effect on all of products. Not only because of our ability to manufacture bulk stretch fabric tent orders, but because we are continuously reinvesting the profits into further tent fabric research. This has already benefited our clients in the past as we currently are one of the only Bedouin tent manufacturers in the world to have created our very own our technologically advanced fire resistant, UV protected and waterproof stretch tent fabric. This enables us to  create Bedouin tents that can be used anywhere in the world, even at some of the worlds busiest global events”

To find out more about Tentickle Bedouin Tents and their expanding worldwide and local tent retail and distribution service, please email Mr. Marci Slunder on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively you can contact the Tentickle International Head Office via email or fax on:

Tel: +27 21 593 6918

Tel: +27 21 593 6906

Fax: +27 21 593 6916

Press release submitted by Justin Atkins at WSI, Cape Town on behalf of Tentickle Bedouin Tents International. For more PR information, please call WSI Web Marketing Cape Town on 021-913 4382.

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