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Monday, 15 July 2013 15:02

Stretch Tent Availability Improves

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South African Stretch Tent manufacturer, Tentickle tents, has increased production of their Bedouin tent range to keep up with local and international demand.   

Cape Town, July 2013: Tentickle Tents South Africa ( ) has announced an increase in stretch tent production at their factory in Cape Town to keep up with the increase in local and international demand.

Due to the high quality of the stretch tents manufactured by Tentickle tents in South Africa there has been an increase in the demand for their products in local tent rental and retail markets in Guateng, the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape areas of South Africa. This increase in demand however has also extended across South Africa’s borders to African countries such as Mozambique, Angola, Zambia and also into Europe, specifically the UK, Germany, Spain and Holland. 

“The increase has a lot to do with our quality of manufacturing” said company MD Mr. Marco Slunder. He also added that “thanks to our international distribution network out stretch tent brand is now well-known all over the world. This has not only helped with overseas sales, but has also ensured that our brand is now asked for by name in countries as far afield as Norway, Belgium and Ireland.”

Tentickle Bedouin Tents International is based in Cape Town, South Africa and has a network of Bedouin tent distributors around the globe, including Europe, Africa, Australasia and South America. To find out more about their stretch tents, please go to the stretch tent page on their site:

Press release submitted by Justin Atkins at WSI, Cape Town on behalf of Tentickle Bedouin Tents International. For more PR information, please call WSI Web Marketing Cape Town on 021-913 4382.

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