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Monday, 15 July 2013 14:18

Tentickle Tents Launches New Website

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Tentickle tents have announced the launch of their new website to coincide with the beginning of the South African function season. 

Cape Town, July 2013: Tentickle Bedouin Tents South Africa ( ) Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Marco Slunder, has unveiled the new look website created for Tentickle tents by Cape Town based internet marketing company WSI Web Marketing. 

Commissioned by Tentickle Bedouin Tents in the second quarter of 2013, the new look website includes an improved  navigation system, upgraded design and functionality and a new look that brings it up to date with the modern appeal of the Bedouin tents that the company manufactures. At the launch event held at the company head offices in Cape Town the company MD and founder, Mr Slunder had the following to say:

“The promotional tent retail and rental market in South Africa is about to experience one of the biggest summer promotional periods in a long time according to current market trends. Because of this, we at Tentickle Bedouin Tents in South Africa made the decision to update our website to include everything that a modern South African company needs to provide its clients in an online environment. We feel that this website not only highlights our product, but also our intent to do business with a South African special events tent market that is forever changing and growing in leaps and bounds.”

The new website launched on Friday the 12th of July 2013 and includes new content and image galleries that highlight the Bedouin tent products manufactured by Tentickle South Africa.

Tentickle Bedouin Tents International is based in Cape Town, South Africa and has a network of Bedouin tent distributors around the globe, including Europe, Africa, Australasia and South America. 


Press release submitted by Justin Atkins at WSI, Cape Town on behalf of Tentickle Bedouin Tents South Africa. For more PR information, please call WSI Web Marketing Cape Town on 021-913 4382.

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