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Thursday, 04 July 2013 18:43

Business Cards are Still Big in Cape Town

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Asset Print announces further positive growth in their business card printing department, fuelling speculation that more businesses are turning to face to face business due to high online marketing competition. 

Cape Town, July 2013: Asset Print ( ), one of Cape Town’s leading printing companies, has seen a marked increase in their business card printing orders. This is possibly due to the increase in “face to face” business being done in the Mother City in response to the growing competition in the cities online marketing arena. 

This growth in demand for business cards in Cape Town is further being promoted by companies such as Asset Print due to the high quality of their digital printing processes. This has resulted in a number of unique and creative business card designs being developed for both big and small business enterprises both in the Cape Town CBD and surrounding suburbs. When asked about this renewed interest in business card printing Mr. Michael Fortuin, the owner/operator of Asset Print had this to say:

“Businesses have had a tough time in the online market of late, but this has had a positive spin off for us at Asset print as it has resulted in the unexpected growth in the business card printing market. We are lucky to have some of Cape Town’s most experienced business card design and printing staff on our payroll and this has naturally brought people through our doors. The potential clients are seeking the best quality creative business cards in Cape Town, so they start with the best printers in Cape Town – Asset Print…”

For more about Asset Print and their business card digital printing services please go to ( ). Alternatively you can contact its owner and operator Mr. Michael Fortuin on: 

Tel: 0861 527 738

Tel: 021 423 4137

Fax: 021 423 7494. 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Asset Print is situated at 74 Loop Street in Cape Town South Africa and is a fully BEE Certified Company.

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